How to Save the World


Why this blog? Why A Personal Tao?

As a Taoist, I spent most of my life hidden and as a hermit. Most people never saw my practice or the depths to which I practiced it. Taoist’s do not go out of their way to tell others how life should flow. As a Taoist, I am most happy to stay on a personal path and not in sight of others. Taoism doesn’t preach much or go out of its way to be public.

However, Taoist practice is such that: no absolute rules exist.

We must live to the times as the times happen.

We are entering a warring period states period which, to some degree, makes it appropriate to be a bit more pro-active.

The current times represent a major point of change. Where conditions are malleable to many different possible outcomes. We are at a similar point in history as when the Taoist sages in the past came out to write the Tao Te Ching to help Chinese society find a new direction.

Right now, we can join in to give shape to society during a time of “chaos” to help sway it towards something better to live within.

It’s time to impress upon society our own heart. In flux, society listens to everyone’s actions!

Taoist wisdom teaches a sage cannot make chaos orderly.

We should not try to prevent what is happening at all. Instead, it’s a time to mix in our very nature with society. Not to dictate what might be, but to add in possibilities of what could be. This is an important distinction!

So in teaching Taoism to current times, the purpose is not to reinvent it, not to re-translate it, but rather place it in terms the current culture can (1) accept and (2) connect to and (finally) embrace as part of its nature.

From Taoist practice this means

We live to our heart.

We listen to our heart.

This is the key to understanding what the sages of old taught.

Many people have asked me time and time again how to live as a Taoist. In how many ways can I say: Acceptance of heart? Kindness within action? Quite a few ways it turns out.

A Personal Tao is a simple lesson to help others discover Taoism regarding modern life: in terms of the heart. Taoism isn’t a difficult or complicated message to write about. What’s hard: is living to your own heart. People think the message is hard to understand because of the difficulty of embracing their nature. The message is very simple. What is hard: is finding what acceptance means to live to your own heart!

In reality: what matters is being brave enough to be part of the process which is unfolding around us: as our own life.

If this seems simple: it is. Strangely, when it appears too easy, then people make it hard for a challenge.

As example:

Voting is important when you have people that can represent you in life. What happens when the voting system has been hi-jacked by pre-selection of candidates from a heavily rigged system?

Another problem with voting is people stop being proactive after their vote. Voting is only 1/2 of the action. Keeping your voice loud and clear after your vote is also part of the process supporting your votes.

If you truly want to make a difference also vote by your actions and voice. Vote to the beat of your heart!

This is the reason I write here. To remind people, it’s not about the past; it’s not about the future, it’s not about politics, it’s not about fear, not about others or what they dictate to you. It’s not about anything outside of your life!

It’s simply about living your life as your life, to your heart.

If you do that, you are as wise as any Taoist sage. Yes, it’s that simple.

That is what A Personal Tao is all about.

Re-discovering heart.

Remember what’s hard: is how to fulfill this truth. It’s as easy or as hard as you make it be.

About today’s social problems.

There are no perfect solutions, and yes things are bad right now getting worse.

In all my years of helping people, what makes a difference is kindness.

When I have a home, I share it with the homeless. When on the street, I share laughter and hope.

It’s not complicated. Except, people are unsure about what is in their own heart, uncertain about sharing. Right now fear is being used to control people since it keeps us apart. Until this tactic changes, the homeless situation and other problems like drug use will get worse.

If you want to make a difference right now: it is very simple

Give up the fear and work towards kindness.

It doesn’t have to be all at once, and it does start simply and grows from simple acts.

It really is that simple. Not perfect, but simple.

You can’t help everyone, and you can’t help those who are not ready for help.

However, many people, decent people who can use help abound. You would be surprised how a smile at the right time can turn a person’s world around. You would be surprised how easy it is to share time with another person on the street, just to talk and to share a moment.

While money is nice at times, it’s not about throwing money about either. This is about “Time” about a relationship where you connect to another person, just talk and share what is needed at that moment.

You can’t Directly save the world; you can’t save a nation, a state, etc

But you can save the occasional person, child and others who happen to cross your path.

Yes, it also takes practice to learn who you can help and who you have to let wander. That has taken me years to learn. So I know how hard this can be. This is why fear wins out so often… fear is an easier path, why risk reaching out when it’s all too easy only to embrace personal comfort.

The process of helping others might be simple, but it’s never easy. But so often what is worth doing is not easy :) that is part of the joy of learning and becoming more in the sharing.

If you do this then ironically you can save the world. Simply in acts of kindness.

It is that simple when opening up the heart to make it so.

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I think it’s important to learn who you can’t help, and the ways helping is not really help, too, though.

Enabling others not to solve their own problems isn’t helping. Loving kindness doesn’t always mean giving people what they say they want. Kindness isn’t codepedence. And being taken advantage of isn’t kindness either.

Sometimes kindness means letting go of thinking you are responsible for other’s problems.

Yes! very well said Donna and absolutely true!

Beautifully written

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