Tao Time – Time with a Taoist Twist

TimeTime and space are expressions of your nature.

From a practical point of view, we need to examine the whole relationship of time, money, and one’s life. Money and time are both very human values of exchange. This means the truth and worth of either (time and money) are arbitrary.

Consider Time

As a physicist, I am of the opinion at the larger level of time doesn’t exist. Time is a macroscopic condition but not a fundamental aspect of the universe. More to the point. Time appears in our life, appears in macroscopic physical equations as a variable that defines a relationship between the sub-elements of a larger system. This means time is a relative beast, to say the least, experienced by humans as a way to interrelate against a larger universe. This makes time a very interesting beast. A force that exists in the way we see the world and yet it doesn’t exist in the larger reality of all.

So If time is money  BUT  if time doesn’t exist, then what value exists in money?


The only value money has the value placed into it with our perception. Ultimately, what matters regarding human value? I would say, Grace. Grace represents how a person moves through life.

Being Eternal

As a Taoist. I say I am of the Tao. That I am eternal in being one to myself and my overall existence.

I live life; I feel time. SO how can I say time doesn’t exist especially if I state I am “eternal”? From personal experience I also know, I can “still” my mind, I can go into a place of pause… and be anywhere within my life.   I connect to “my existence” more deeply when going into this place of pause. I am not limited to just myself. This process of “pausing” opens a person to explore anywhere within what is known to be the Universe.

What is the point of life then and being myself? On a rare Taoist serious note: perhaps freedom. The freedom to simply enjoy being who I am.

This can be confusing at first. The point is that once you discover an eternal nature, something strange happens. In the process of reflection, of being whole, leads a person to discover: It’s fun to be yourself.

So enjoy life, rather than worrying about what might be or what was.  It all simmers down to :

Contentment in the here and now.

For it is enough to live gracefully, as it is everything.

Living in the Now

A student I am helping writes:

I’m feeling lost in myself and just dont know where I’m heading, meeting people liking them, but not knowing where I stand now is painful.

The pain comes from trying to base where you stand now on something that doesn’t exist yet. Living now is difficult to achieve if you split yourself out to only trying to live in tomorrow.

Tomorrow isn’t here yet. Tomorrow is merely a potential to be.

You know where you stand if you are present in your life with awareness where your feet are now. But how can you know where your feet will be tomorrow?

People try so hard to measure life to a certainty of what will happen in the future, but the future is pure potential. Release trying to fix certainty as a destination. To do so limits potential and blinds a person from seeing different better options to take. We can work towards a certainty, to help us sort out options, but don’t fix it as the only option that exists.


Tomorrow will sort itself out in 23 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds from now. Tomorrow is a fixed amount of time that never shifts; it’s always moving out 23 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds away. Leaving a person always to be chasing the end of the rainbow, of tomorrow, hoping it will be better and fixed when it isn’t a fixed point at all.

Only now is a fixed point in our life. So now is the only time we can fix and shift.

Acting now to shift our life to be living in full potential.

So if you concentrate on what is present now, the future will come in manageable steps of actions. One step at a time, faster than you will know.

The second key is to practice living with awareness so you can shift your life with wise choices that build up the potentials you want to release later and to activate currently available potentials to experience a graceful life in the present moment.

Living with awareness now lets you fine-tune your steps, permits you to sort out your direction if you use awareness rather than being lost chasing tomorrows.

Discover potential by living now. Discover a full life by being present in the now rather than getting lost in tomorrow’s to be.

juggling timeRunning Out Of Time

As soon as feeling:

There isn’t enough time to get it all done

You are screwed since you have defined that to be the case

I said many times: time is a statement of connection/relationship

A few solid options present themselves:

1) Release into connection by increasing your connections to generate more time to act within


2) Release worrying about connections altogether, work on everything one step at a time and what gets done will be enough


3) Merge one and two together.

Never define oneself to “time”, (as tempting as it is to define oneself to one’s relationships) since to do so, actually limits you to run out of time. Instead, “release” time by embracing all our connections and let it be what it just needs to be step by step.

  • If where you work has defined your job, so you are always without enough time (consistently that is): Then walk away and let them deal with it! Why make their problem your problem of lack of connections and resources? Never take on other people’s time/relationship problems as your own, since it isn’t your issue to resolve, to do so is to limit yourself in a manner outside your very nature. (To do so will focus conflict into your own life where it shouldn’t be in the first place).

When juggling more than three things. I prefer to place it all on the ground. Then pick up and work upon one item at a time.

Since time doesn’t exist, I can overlap the movement later to be seamless at my leisure.

Why does it have to be juggled all in the same moment! Just make sure that each item gets its chance to be tossed and the opportunity to kiss the sky 🙂

So many ways to juggle. No reason to make it harder than it needs to be: unless you are performing a show. So the trick I suppose is to know when the show is only for yourself or others, and when for others how to show the completed collage as required.


Explore Taoism

Live life kindly, gracefully, with modesty while embracing a colorful story to enjoy!

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