What is the Third Eye?

third eye

The third eye is the ability to see what might be: In other words the third eye is our ability to see potential.

It’s a sense and it can be developed to be more refined and accurate than only being a hunch.

The Third Eye is a natural part of every person, but it’s a “meta” organ. In other words: it consists of all the senses and mind working together as a larger more powerful sensory organ. The Third Eye is a very clever bit of natural evolution: a meta organ designed to sense, connect to patterns and then relay that data back in overlays of information on top of your other senses.

Once opened it’s a very powerful ability, powerful enough that it literally can drive people insane if not understood, accepted or developed correctly. Also due to lack of understanding more people than not mislabel, run away from the ability or take it to strange descriptions… which further muck and murk the waters of what the Third Eye truly is.

The Third Eye as a sense can be used in many different ways. It opens up our senses to patterns around us. It’s used by seers to make connections and answer questions. It’s used by energy workers to feel the energy and then manipulate that energy. It’s part of empathy where a person can touch and feel the emotions of others. Many other examples exist for how people use the Third Eye.


The Third Eye and Energy Work

Let’s look at one use. It’s possible to use the Third Eye to learn how to sense and visually interpret energy around us. This helps people work with the process of Motion, Activity and Interchange more easily and completely. Energy instead of being abstract concept then becomes a tangible property of life to work with once you learn how to sense it and interact with it.

Does a Taoist / Shaman really see energy? Not directly. Anyone can see the end results of energy in action, seeing energy directly is another thing all together. However, the Third Eye can develop the ability to process information and then overlay that information over our other senses in such a way we can then interpret and interact with energy in a more precise manner. In this way, we can “see” energy.

third eye openingThis can appear as being a mystical power due to the relative nature of the skill. But it’s a very real and tangible skill.

Some people do take this and go too far, make it fantasy. So you do need to be careful with people saying they are energy workers. Another problem is the relative nature of the skill. What one energy worker will sense, is different than another energy worker. Some commonalities exist. We are human, and our form, our shape help push us towards common baselines. However, the unique experiences and nature of each person also ensures that each energy worker will see things from a different angle.

Lets use Aura’s as an example.

Some people do see an “aura” or “light”. With training many people can be taught how to view aura’s in a “standard way”.

However: it’s not what most people think it is. Your eyes only “see” what they are designed to see. But the mind can overlay additional information over each sense. Auras are such an information overlay.

The brain has the ability to process visual information, and it has the ability to use all that circuitry to pump back information in the form of visual response: which doesn’t have to be from the eyes.

Your whole neural network, your mind and sense organs form a larger more sensitive “antenna” to pick up on energy and patterns. The mind then has the problem of how to send that information back to you. It has to use what it already has access to: the 5 normal senses. For example: at times in energy work, it can send back the images for you as an “aura” to then interpret. In reality what you are seeing is slightly different than that: but it’s the best method the “third eye” has to relay the information back to you. This becomes the “aura” as the translated result.


Developing the Third Eye

Because so much of this depends on your ability to interpret the results: this creates lots of room for mis-translation between the “facts” and what your third eye returns to you. Also because we see things differently, it can be problematic to exchange the information back and forth between each other in a clear fashion. This opens up quite a bit of room for mystical practices to open up within. Some truly work, others which might vary from person to person in how they tune the 3rd Eye sense, and others such as tricksters to use for deception.

Taoist/Shamanic practice has quite a bit of training regarding how to use and work with the Third Eye. It’s a real sense, but it’s a “meta” sense and it must be “used and tuned” in order to be developed, rather than it being something that just works out of the box of birth.

As a Taoist I have been developing my third eye since I was 5 or 6 years old and had my first vision. When I shared my first vision, I discover immediately, most people don’t see the world in this fashion. Even worse, I was persecuted when sharing this ability. Being so young, I quickly learned to keep it to myself and explore it silently and patiently on my own terms. Until recently I haven’t opened up on this part of my Taoist practice, on purpose, since it’s so easily mis-understood and so many misconceptions exist about this ability.

I have spent 35 years exploring this ability, reviewing materials, and using my background in both Taoism and the sciences to understand it. I have now placed the 3rd Eye into terms which can be acceptable to most everyone. So hence, I am now sharing it in my teachings.

Many people naturally suppress this ability to prevent it from hurting them, to prevent others from making fun of them or labeling them as crazy. With enough suppression any ability goes away. The Third Eye must be used in order for it work. Also how one uses the Third Eye will shape the abilities and capabilities of what it will be able to sense. For all of these reasons and more, this why the Third Eye is such a mysterious ability.
Many different cultures use many varied techniques to develop this skill. Taoists are very patient, taking decades in order to refine and define this ability. The nature of the interpretive aspects of this ability means experience helps improve this ability and it’s a slow process to master.

Learn More about the Third Eye

To get a better overview of the third eye you can purchase the following Third Eye video. We are also now producing audio files for direct meditation exercises.

This 45 minute general introduction to the third eye talks about:

(1) How to Develop the Third Eye
(2) What are Some Examples of the Third Eye.
(3) What is Potential?
(4) What is the Third Eye Physically?
(5) How does the Third Eye Manifest Itself?
(6) Is the Third Eye Something to Fear?
(7) More About Fear and the Third Eye.
(8) Am I Crazy?
(9) How to Express Your Third Eye Visions.
(10) Picking a Third Eye Practice and Community
(11) Can You Close Your Third Eye?
(12) Learning How to Optimize Our Visions.
(13) Can You Manifest Real Things with the Third Eye?
(14) Can You Travel to Different Worlds with the Third eye?
(15) Can I Share What I See?
(16) How to Develop Your Skills in the Third Eye.
(17) An Example of Using the Third Eye
(18) Practice Interpreting Your Visions.
(19) What is the Best Third Eye Practice.

Teaching the Third Eye and Energy Work

I do teach others how to access the third eye, but be aware this ability isn’t rushed but rather grown into over time. I teach others how to sort everything out and find a greater sense of self peace.

The Third Eye is not some magical power, it’s a part of our human nature which anyone with time, patience, training and acceptance of their nature can use. All too often people rush ahead and their own inner unbalance disrupts and skews the third eye ability with bad habits and false perceptions.

I offer a special Online Third Eye Course for those wishing to learn how to use their third eye in a balanced and healthy way. This course is geared to resolve fears, train a person with safe but powerful techniques and open up a path that reveals the potential of life with grace.


Regarding Third Eye Questions/Comments Below

Please read the previous comments about the third eye before posting your own new questions about the third eye. I will not re-answer a question about the third eye I have already answered several times here. There exist many pages of comments to review, which means taking a moment to digest and understand what has already been stated on the third eye. Click: Older Comments to read the oldest comments. You can also read the Third Eye FAQ for the more commonly asked questions.

Please try to be clear/direct in all third eye questions/postings so I can respond appropriately. I realize the third eye often goes beyond words to describe or use, but please take the time to edit and make your comments clear and concise.

I will delete any Third Eye comments which ask me to teach you. Just contact me directly for teaching if you want to hire me as teacher.

I will delete any Third Eye comments which are: rantings, morality/judgement statements, mention the use of drugs, medical questions, link to outside pages or aren’t respectful. Also on this page, I approach the third Eye as a natural phenomenon: Posts with religious references are removed.

I will also delete any Third Eye questions I clearly already answered in the comments or FAQ page.




485 Responses to What is the Third Eye?

  1. Sorry didn’t read the fine print. I don’t use recreation drugs and have maybe 2 drinks a year.

  2. No worries Jason. But you will have to ask your questions regarding DMT experience in a forum where they talk about DMT. I cannot give a recommendation which forum is best. I stay neutral on the topic.

    I think it’s best to teach third eye independent of religion, drugs or morality. The third eye is a 100% natural sense and we can explore it more powerfully by accepting the third eye as a normal sense.

    I think it’s problematic people push the third eye to so many extremes. Often times in third eye dialogue extremes confuse the whole learning process and shuts normal people off from the experience of their own intuition, their own capacity to connect to various possibility around them. To only push a topic to an extreme edge means people miss everything in between.

    Perhaps in a hundred years western culture will consider DMT as a normal tool to help people open up their third eye. I think that would be healthy. But currently our society is wrestling with many topics and this is one of them. I feel it best to stay clear of that conversation so people don’t lose the simpler paths to working with their third eye.

  3. Eric says:


    Since I was a kid I could close my eyes and pull something into myself from the central point on my forehead. It washes over me making my body tingle like when you leg falls asleep. Except way more intense and I was wondering is that my third eye?

    What is the tingle feeling and why when I listen to music does it become so intense especially when the music is complex?


  4. Cari says:

    I have to tell someone what is happening with me. I am able to see light beings through my inner sight when there is a specific amount of light and shadow play through my eyelids. This is not the illusion of light and shadow but the light and shadow play reveals these beings. I have been studying and experimenting with this for a long time. These beings I am seeing are hugging and kissing and moving very fast all over. They have wings. When I am in a deep relaxed state they slow down. I think that is because my frequency is faster. I can see them better. Last night I saw them very well. They look like pixies. When I close my eyes normally I see a mist. As I focus into the mist I can see that the mist is actually made up of these little light beings. I know this sounds like I am psycho. I am Buddhist. I went to college and I am very stable. I am very open minded so people call me crazy a lot. I assume that means I am sane. I also remote view. I see actual places and I can’t control where my sight is going. It just takes me on a journey. I saw buildings this morning. I saw what looked like an old black and white movie clip of a man riding a huge wheeled bike and doing stunts. Then he did stunts with a car. It had to be in the 20’s or 30’s. My perspective was as though It appeared that I was bouncing up and down while viewing them. I see people from the past all the time in civil war clothing, early 1900’s etc. And then there are the light beings characters as well as I said. These are all different types of visions. I can tell the difference between the “movie clips” or past life memories and the remote viewing. I also go out of body to different dimensional realities. I just want to know if anyone has experienced these things and if the ability has increased in the past few years.

  5. @Eric: Music (and also chanting) is all about patterns. The third eye is all about how we find potential within patterns around us.

    As a result music can deepen the experiences you have with your third eye.

  6. @Cari:

    I would ask you to see each vision or experience as a story.

    Now from each story you witness or experience ask yourself a question: “What can I learn from this story?”

    Just do this over and over again. Then over time you will be able to come to many useful insights to your life. These insights if held lightly can help a person move through life with deeper grace.

    The trap is this:

    Hold the stories too tightly or force any conclusions based only on logic / desires and instead you will find yourself tripping and making mistakes from the visions.

    The balance of using the third eye is a delicate one really. So the skill / Grace comes from how you learn from the ability and visions and not from how you try to hold it all as a physical truths.

  7. Ryan says:

    Casey, thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge of this particular phenomenon. My question to you will seem trivial, but anyhow: Do people that develop this third eye show physically between the eyes? Like physically look slightly different with maybe a more rounded or shapely part in between the eyebrows? To make put shortly, does the third eye organ physically grow the more one develops it?

  8. Michael Snake says:

    @Ryan, no it does not. But you will feel it open if you have one. I cannot speak personally for everyone as we all have our own personal walks of life we must travel through. Ayahuasca, Mushrooms, and Salvia has helped open my 3rd eye. I didn’t know what I was searching for, that’s fine too, I just knew I was lost, and that this was a way for me to find that direction. But over the years, I have changed my diet, no meat, no mercury poison in my cavity fillings, no sodium fluoride poisoning toothpaste. Now my 3rd eye is so open, I can see auras, people’s soul colors, I can see spirits, even hear them. But you must be ready, you aren’t going to get your 3rd eye opened just because you want to. It doesn’t work that way, you have to be ready and have no fear. How would you react if you woke up and saw a Black Panther, a Lion, a Tiger, a Snake, 1 big ass Owl, a couple of people you’ve never seen before all in your room chatting away? You would freak out! So if you want to open your 3rd eye, it’s going to take time, because your spirit guides don’t want to frighten you either. So it opens up as you become more ready and accepting of the “Real Reality”. So doesn’t matter what you do, it all takes time, and you have to be ready otherwise it won’t happen either. May Spirit guide and protect you all!

  9. Casey says:

    Hey Casey,
    I often have dreams of very intense things, good & bad. I find myself experiencing the “deja vu” type of dreams often. After my father passed away I see him in my dreams, we are both aware he is dead and we have discussions like normal; he gives me advice & comes to me when I’m stressed. I also have this reoccouring dream of someone trying to choke me/smother me in my bed though it feels as if I am very awake and in the present; also medically called sleep paralysis.
    I have always felt very in tune with peoples emotions and that’s why I am a Social Worker, as weird as it may sound I can feel when somebodies mood is off through my own body when I see them. I always thought my ability to read peoples actions and how they react or their emotions were because of subtle things like body language but lately I feel as if it were more.
    I started to feel really different the day I was with my friend and he was really upset about his girlfriend breaking up with him and we waited with him until 5 am and he seemed to feel better but as he went into his house and we were about to drive away I had this terrible feeling of cold and “dread” overwhelm me like something was off. So we decided to go back into his house and he was in the middle of loading his rifle to shoot himself and we stopped him and walked with him.
    I know I seemed to have rambled on, I just wanted to leave you with all possibly helpful pieces of information on myself; Because I am obsessed with music once I find a good emotional song I can listen to it on repeat for hours and the biggest thing is I love to dream I do it every night I have multiple dreams always. I look forward to them but I have been having more and more Deja vu dreams and dreams of things that happen as well as the sleep paralysis type of dream (the last time I heard it speak for the first time out of years of the dream); its begun to make me feel weird and I just don’t want to “lose my marbles” in a sense. Just hoping for some guidance or advice.

    Much Thanks,

  10. Tina says:

    Casey…I felt like you were telling my story.
    A few weeks ago I was speaking to someone as I was looking into their eye, their eye pupils began to open. Once that happen it was like a tunnel and I saw two bloodlines In front of me, I saw two people. I told this person that her family have two bloodlines. I saw her ancestors. I was able to see deep within her eyes. I told this person her ancestors did voodoo and she can use her gift for two reason for good as well as bad. What stands out to me, is how I was able to see deep within her eyes.
    The second time it happen, the person eyes were about to open but she turned away. The eyes turn and turns as it is open up. Their eye color also gets a little lighter.

  11. Tina: Thanks for sharing your third eye experience.

  12. Casey: Be patient with yourself. Slowly just explore life.

    Keep a journal, begin to document what you feel and look at the stories your vision / deja vu connect towards.

    Don’t look for patterns yet: because the human mind will make up patterns when they don’t exist. Worse the mind will fill visions with random patterns when not enough information or experiences exists to work against. Instead look for wisdom, stories and ideas which can serve you.

    Learning to see the patterns comes later from the wider experience that time and aging gives to us.

  13. Tina says:

    I never realized it was a third eye experience. How can I tell its open. Thank you

  14. Tina says:

    When I grab someone hand and pray for them, I become very emotional. .I do more crying than praying…Its like I am feeling their pain. Once again how can I be sure its open…Im confused. THANK YOU.

  15. Elliott says:

    Recently I’ve had experiences which i believe may be related to my third eye. It’s as if I’m in a state of dreaming while being totally conscious, and I’m able to fully understand what I have accomplished in my life and how it pertains to the rest of the universe. I’m also able to look at others and understand them without previous discussion. It’s like I understand their headspace and their connection to the universe.

    I’m also quite worried about this. There is schizophrenia present in my family tree. Does this sound like schizophrenia? Or at least the development of it?
    or is schizophrenia itself enlightenment without the capacity to truly understand and filter everything?

  16. @Elliott: I cannot answer psychiatric questions here. Modern society has a very narrow window of how to define it.

    In other words once a person begins acting outside expected norms the nets come out. All too many people will flee rather than look deeper into all the variations that exists.

    Unfortunately modern culture defaults purely to the psychiatric side of the equation. Which means it comes down to how you hold yourself around others and decide to display it to others.

  17. Annie H says:

    To the person named Casey who posted July 19th, up until the suicidal friend part everything is the exact same for me. It’s making me pretty weirded out. My dad died when I was in seventh grade and I have dreams where he comes back and we all know he died but everything’s cool. I started having sleep paralysis around the time I turned 16 and still do every so often to this day. I’ve always felt like I was in touch with peoples emotions but not in an over-empathetic annoying way, just in a perceptive way. And I got a degree in Human Services last December. I also have put albums on repeat all night long while I sleep since I was 14 or so. Im sure there’s a ton of other people out there that could say the same things have happened to them but I still couldn’t help feeling creeped out when I read it.

  18. maayoor gajria says:

    I came across ur article randomly and thought to share.
    Im maayoor from india..my family is hindu but I am not the religious type.i first started having dreams/deja vu situations when I was 6. My first dream was my grandmother telling me to tell everyone good bye as she was going away for good…the same morning we were informed that she passed away approximately the same time I had my dream. After that its stopped until a few years ago when my aunt passed away. .I had a dream that she fell off a roof and died due to a brain hamrroge. .it came true but not the falling of the roof part….my major delima is now my mother is in the hospital critical and she too had a brain hamrroge….this too I had foreseen in a dream a few mnths back….I just want to understand what is happening I have spoken to my friends mother who is a qualified psychiatrist and a religious guide and she mentioned that I have a ability of accessing the third eye…!!! If so how do I learn to master it…!!!

    Just a guy looking for answers.

    Please do mail me as well so that I can get a definitive answer

  19. Melanie says:

    Hi there,
    I just wanted your opinion of my experience from the other night. I have always had very vivid dreams where I am aware I am asleep. However this was different, I was trying to fall asleep and could hear what sounded like 2 drills in the distance. As I wondered what it was, it turned into what sounded like a big bumble bee flying towards me. I felt it land on my forehead and it gave me a bit of a fright/jolt as it continued to buzz. Immediately after it landed it looked like a sky blue coloured tunnel lit up from my head. It was fuzzy and I couldn’t see anything in it. I soon started to feel scared and it zapped off and the buzzing stopped. I am positive this wasn’t my imagination, but I don’t know why it happened or what it was.
    Any thoughts would be kindly appreciated :)

  20. Adey says:

    Sometimes when I m very tired ..when I sleep sometimes I forsee future.. its like when it happens I m like damn I had seen this happen somewhere before..when I wake up I usually sweat a lot theres red lines on my hands…anything to do with it

  21. @Maayoor: I sent a response directly to you in case you were looking for direct teaching.

    On a personal level explore yoga and other energy practices to help guide you in your third eye. Stay open and slowly work in a grounded manner to explore life.

    Teaching the third eye is a very personal experience. I do tailor how I teach a person to connect to their intuition relative to their culture and personal background.


  22. Naomi says:

    Im not the only person. When i was about 8 years old i could see things that happen before it actually happens but cant hear anything just see i. Sometimes i see colours around people not sure why this is. It all disapeared for a little while. And now its even more am not sure what to call it. Seeing more things all of a sudden my friend meantioned i was apparently sitting talking to someone in a deep conversation that i could only see. Not sure why these things happen but just woundered if anyone else has had the same or experanced something simaler
    Naomi x

  23. @Naomi: Right now your third eye is practicing. Your mind is experimenting and trying new ways to sort information for you.

    At the start the process and results are a bit random. Over time the mind tends to collect information and begins to create more powerful associations.

    At this stage of the third eye: Don’t force meaning or try to understand. Rather merely accept you are seeing life around you with additional depth to them. Over time, with practice -> meanings and patterns can be discovered within these additional layers of vision.

    It is the same as learning a new language. At first you will hear many words you don’t understand, It all blends together as a verbal hash. Just as right now your visions are blending together as colors and feelings. With practice you slowly can pick out more and words and meanings.

  24. Padma Narayanaswamy says:

    I started practising third eye meditation . At times I get
    a shock in my body . Is it normal pl help and thanks

  25. Camille says:

    My brother has been missing for almost 1 year now, and someone with third eye told us that he was murdered and thrown in a dump site. And i was thinking really hard about opening my third eye so we could talk to my brother about what happen to him. But i am really afraid that this would scare me or something worst might happen. Can anyone help me?

  26. @Padma: Work on also learning Yoga, Qi Gong or Tai Chi to help strengthen your body also.

  27. @Camille: Be careful of what people will tell you. You cannot talk to your missing brother with the third eye. You might gain insights regarding your missing brother, but the third eye won’t help you communicate with others alive or dead.

  28. Raven says:

    What a great website. Absolutely the most practical approach to the third eye that I have come across. I resonate with your practical approach and it feels very authentic and not coloured with extra stories and added meaning. This is very helpful for me reading what you have written and reading your comments back to people. Thank you for your insight. Much appreciated! This is helping me understand what is happening to me.

  29. @Raven: Thank you. Producing a balanced and reasonable third eye resource has been a challenge. As a topic it’s all too easy to skip into the fantastic or fall into delusion.

    It’s been an interesting experience producing these third eye pages and helping people come to terms with the third eye and energy work. The third eye has a long and respected history in Taoist tradition and teaching. We approach the topic in a very down to earth and practical manner actually.

    The extra stories and fantastical visions we may get are actually very personal, and should be approached in a personal manner rather than a larger than life sharing. However, it is the fantastical aspects of the third eye which grabs the attention.

    The third eye is something that I want to help people keep personal.

    Ironically once you over-share the fantastical aspects A third eye experience loses meaning at a personal level and goes sideways quickly.

  30. Dustin says:

    Dear casey,
    I will be turning 16 soon. When I was little (7 or 8) I’ve had bad head-aches That start when I wake and end when I sleep, but lasts all day with (5-20 min. Breaks). does this relate any way to the third eye?
    Thanks, Dustin H

  31. Dear Dustin: Your headaches are not related to the third eye. This would be a medical question to ask a health provider about. Headaches can be very complicated and it can take a bit of work to find the proper answers. You may have to consult more than one medical expert to find a proper answer to alleviate your headache symptoms.

    Be strong, headaches can be very frustrating don’t let it wear you out. Be patient and work with different types of doctor, naturopathic care or physical therapists to get different angles to possible solutions.

  32. Kim Handley says:

    I see an eye or several eyes sometimes when I drift off to sleep, but only whilst listening to guided meditation (which I only tried in order to sleep better). I never knew of this third eye thing. When I see it or them it feels incredible, it’s the biggest rush off contentment and happiness, which is weird because the different eyes I see look extremely evil and have no life in them. Almost like corpses eyes, but they are alive.
    Anyway I don’t look for it or look into it. I just enjoy it when it happens. Xx

  33. Norbert says:

    It is my understanding the pineal gland is calcified in most Americans because of all the fluoride in our water, toothpaste etc.

    What are your thoughts and what would your recommend to de-calcify the gland?

  34. erick says:

    dear casey, about to days ago i had an experience, it was very… well weird. never before had i looked upon the third eye and all that stuff until that same day during my historical arts class. which i have in the afternoons, i dont know if thats relevant. well i was reading this website in particular and i got very interested and after i got home i sat in my car and decided ok im going to open my third eye. so i closed my eyes and decided to feel myself in the moment and focus on my third eye. i have always been able to somehow feel it there but never really payed much attention to it because i didn’t know what it was, anyways so i was sitting in my car with all the intention to open it and i it took about 2 minutes for me to loose my self into the meditation (this is really hard to explain) and then when i came back into my self i felt really strong i dont know energy i guess in the middle of my forehead and it felt as if the energy was getting stronger by the second and i could hear it too it felt as if it was irradiating strength really fast, i couldn’t feel the rest of my body. i was scared, i have never felt something like this before so i forced my self to snap out of it. that same night i had really vivid dreams like never before and i experienced sleep paralysis i dont know if its relevant either. the day after i felt my forehead , or the third eye, kind of numb. maybe i jumped unto it too quick? i mean the experience only lasted a few minutes but it was extremely strong and i had NEVER meditated before.i hope you have some guidance as to how i should go about it, should i try again? i really hope i get a response back, i am very intrigued and at the same time scared. this last few days i have been feeling different, i see peoples emotions just by looking at them. i cant describe what i am feeling.
    sincerely, troubled guy

  35. @Norbert: There isn’t enough data to know the true impact of fluoride to the third eye.

    I wouldn’t do anything to de-calcify the gland. Since such attempts are more likely to lead you to false healers that can do more damage to you.

    Instead I would be proactive in how I live to minimize fluoride.

    Expand upon a healthy lifestyle, explore active practices like yoga or qi gong to keep the third eye ability healthy and meditate daily to live in a aware manner.

    Given the range of issues we face today in the world and other more toxic lifestyle issues: A calcified Pineal Gland would be a very minor issue. Simply limit your fluoride.

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