What is the Third Eye?

The third eye is our ability to see what might be, to see potential.

Everyone has access to his or her third eye. For example, when you have a hunch and act on it, you’ve used your third eye. But that’s only the beginning. Your third eye is a sense, one you can develop to be more refined and accurate than just being a hunch.

The Third Eye is a natural part of every person. One way to think of it is as a “meta” organ that consists of your mind and all of your senses working together as a larger, more powerful sensory organ. The Third Eye is a very clever bit of natural evolution that allows you to see the patterns in your life. Even more amazing, your third eye can reveal these patterns to you by overlaying this information on top of your other senses.

As a sense, your third eye can be used in many different ways. Seers use their third eye to understand hidden connections and answer questions. Energy workers ‘feel’ the energies around them and to then consciously manipulate that energy. And every time you have empathy, you are using your third eye to touch and feel the emotions of others. Many other examples exist for how people use the Third Eye.

Seeing Through Your Third Eye

To understand how the third eye works, let’s look at how it is possible to use the Third Eye to sense and visually interpret energy around us. It’s possible to see Motion (for example a car moving), Activity (you driving the car) and Exchange of Energy (burning the gas). Add in our capacity of sensing & projecting potential (being able to predict where the car goes based on the roads and knowing the driver), in other words seeing where energy, motion and activities will flow to over time. Add all this together into an internal visual map and you have just expanded how you see Energy playing out (the results of using the car/gasoline/intention to drive you up the hill). By seeing energy as mental overlay rather than just an abstract concept, it becomes a tangible property of life that we can learn how to sense and interact with in a deeper manner.

Is it possible to really ‘see’ energy? Not directly. While our eyes can see the end results of energy in action, seeing energy directly is another thing all together. Our eyes only ‘see’ what they are designed to see, light. What our third eye does is process information and then overlay that information over our other senses in such a way we can then interpret and interact with energy in a more precise manner. In this way, we can understand where the energy is and we can ‘see’ it.

This makes sense, if you think about it. The mind has figured something out and wants to tell us. The easiest way for it to do this is to use what it already has access to: our five normal senses.

This can appear as a mystical power being able to “see” or “predict” processes, events, potentials which are not physically present. But it’s a very real and tangible skill.

Because so much depends on your ability to interpret results, there is a lot of room for mistranslation between the “facts” and what your third eye returns to you. Also, because each of us sees things differently, it can be problematic to share what we see with others. For example, when we hear the word ‘cup’, each of us may visualize a completely different cup. What one person will sense is different from another.

Of course, commonalities exist. We are human and our form, our nature help push us towards common baselines of experience. However, the unique nature of each person also ensures that each of us sees the world from a different angle.

It shouldn’t be surprising, then, that there are so many different mystical practices to explore all the different perceptions of the world we hold.

Lets use Aura’s as an example.

Consider a person who sees auras or light. Auras are in fact such an information overlay. Your brain has the ability to process visual information, but the image it creates for you is not limited to what comes from your eyes. Consider what you see on this page as you read it. You aren’t seeing black lines. You are seeing words and then concepts and ideas overlaid on top of them.

Now envision yourself looking at another person. You don’t just see what he or she is wearing. Your whole neural network, your mind and sense organs form a larger more sensitive antenna that picks up on energy and patterns before you. There are so many clues in front of you that tell you about the person’s emotional state, well-being, level of distraction, and so many other factors. Your third eye has a lot to share with you and so it puts this information into what you see by adding an aura. In reality what you are seeing is slightly different over what is happening: but your mind is always altering your experience to give you extra information to work with. If you look at the scientific research you will discover the mind is constantly editing our perception. So the third eye uses this natural mental capacity to alter our perception to add in extra data more than we realize.

Seeing auras or energy can appear as a mystical power, depending upon a person’s level of skill. But it is just that: a very real and tangible skill, one that can be taught. A person can even be taught how to view auras in a standard way.


Opening the Third Eye

Taoist and Shamanic practices have developed extensive training techniques for using and working with your third eye. It’s a real sense, but it’s a “meta” sense and it must be “used and tuned” in order to be developed fully. It isn’t something that just works out of the box from birth.

A great way to start using and tuning this sense is to connect to a power animal or learn shamanic journeying.  A shamanic practitioner can assist you through a power animal retrieval or by guiding you on a shamanic journey.

As a Taoist, I have been developing my third eye since I was five years old and had my first vision. When I shared my first vision with others, I discover immediately that most people don’t see the world in this fashion. Unfortunately, I was also persecuted by others. Being so young, I quickly learned to keep my ability to myself and explore it silently and patiently on my own terms. It’s only recently that I have opened up on this part of my Taoist practice since it’s so easily misunderstood and so many misconceptions exist about this ability.

I have spent more than 40 years exploring my third eye, reviewing materials and using my background in both Taoism and the sciences to understand it. During this time, I have developed a way to describe the third eye in terms that are acceptable to most everyone. So hence, I am now sharing it in my teachings.

Many people naturally suppress this ability, often to prevent others from making fun of them or labeling them as crazy. And, with enough suppression, any ability withers and goes away. You must use your third eye in order for it work. Also, how you use it shapes what it will be able to sense.

For all of these reasons and others, the Third Eye remains a mysterious ability.

Different cultures use many varied techniques to develop this skill. Taoists, for example, are very patient, taking decades to define and refine this ability to help them become a Sage / Seer with the extra information they can see. The nature of the interpretive aspects of this ability means experience helps improve its capabilities and accuracy. As a consequence, it is a slow process to master.

More About the Third Eye

To get a better overview of the third eye you can purchase the following Third Eye video. We are also producing audio files for direct meditation exercises.

This 45 minute general introduction to the third eye talks about:

(1) How to Develop the Third Eye
(2) What are Some Examples of the Third Eye.
(3) What is Potential?
(4) What is the Third Eye Physically?
(5) How does the Third Eye Manifest Itself?
(6) Is the Third Eye Something to Fear?
(7) More About Fear and the Third Eye.
(8) Am I Crazy?
(9) How to Express Your Third Eye Visions.
(10) Picking a Third Eye Practice and Community
(11) Can You Close Your Third Eye?
(12) Learning How to Optimize Our Visions.
(13) Can You Manifest Real Things with the Third Eye?
(14) Can You Travel to Different Worlds with the Third eye?
(15) Can I Share What I See?
(16) How to Develop Your Skills in the Third Eye.
(17) An Example of Using the Third Eye
(18) Practice Interpreting Your Visions.
(19) What is the Best Third Eye Practice.

Teaching the Third Eye

Julie and I teach others how to access the third eye, but be aware this ability isn’t rushed but rather grown into over time. Julie and I will teach you how to grow patiently and fully into this skill.

If you are interested in learning more the best place to start would be in a experiential manner. We would either assist you through a power animal retrieval or by guiding you on a shamanic journey. Each of these experiences would be a path of directly using the third eye to connect to the spiritual side of life. Spirit represents the motion and connections to everything around us.

Arrange Personal Teaching

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All sessions are by appointment only.


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I have alot to learn about this still. I’m starting to understand things better though. I’ve had a few mystical experiences. I’ve seen white light after praying very hard for a long time. Read about NDE, DMT, shamans, buddhists, chakrahs, etc…etc…starting to understand more about this life and others more….my heart is open to whatever truth may be.

Aloha Julie: I’d recommend starting with a simple meditation to bring light into you and revitalize you whenever you start to feel exhausted (or preferably to keep your core energized so you don’t feel exhausted). It is a simple audio file called Rattle, Body, and Light Meditation you can listen to over and over. The rattle helps to shift the brain down from that active beta brain wave pattern. A second suggestion, since your dreams are so vivid, is to keep a dream journal and start to play with the energy of your dreams. Our dreams are constantly informing, preparing and assisting us with life if we are willing to listen and take action on them.

My boardmate always see me waking from my sleep and saying something about kids and stuffs about our boardinghouse, but when he questions me, all I do is sleep again, the next morning she told me about this and I have really no idea that I did that, also, she saw me closing our windows, but im really sure I did not do that, and actually, She has a third eye. can you please explin this?. is this just me who is sleep talking (but she said Im awake!) or is it her third eye? please please please answer me :(

@Gwenn: Sounds like sleep talking to me. You can be partially awake in your sleep. Over time you can relax, be present in it and remember the experience. Lucid dreaming is something you can explore to learn, which will help you in this.

February 3, 2015 1:16 am

Hi, two years ago, something changed in myself, i was able to see auras everywhere. At first, I was scared, i talked about it but everyone was laughing at me. So i stopped all of these perceptions. But I feel bad and unable to manage anything since this day. I understand the concept, but I dont know what to do with that. I feel like Im about to die soon. I feel constantly tired, so many people, think I,m becoming crazy. I<m not the guy they, knew before. But now I feel depress and hurry. I don<t know how to manage my brain and it hurts me a lot. I feel alone like never before. I feel empty. Crushed from inside. My impression is that I realized something about life that I cannot explain with words or drawings, or whatever. Ifeel stuck everywhere i go. Sometimes I feel like If i<m struggle. I don<t want to become a liar or something negatives, but I feel like if nobody understand anything. I feel the silence that don<t really exist, I know that even in silence you are hearing noise. I studied in cartoon animation, I know that I worked in illusion of eyes, how to create illusion, but now I,m stuck in my own illusion. Lost between reality and my imagination and my brain is fighting against all of these sensations. I need help. My heart will explode if I do nothing. Even breathing is hard, sometimes I see peoples like some kind of big insect. I saw something weird last year(by the way I dont use drugs or any toxic substances. ) I was focus on my perception of light, I was walking in the street during the day and I saw someone in ffront of me. I was looking at him in the eyes and his eyes was glowing like when you take pictures of a cat in the dark but it was during the day. Am I becoming crazy or what? I know that Im the onlyone who see the world from my point of view and it is like that for everyone. But sometimes I don<t know if Im just naive about my perspective on things. I changed my point of view, and Im not in my head like before. I had this strange feelings of doing an astral projection up in the sky, and it was not like a dream I felt that experience more real than reality. I know many scientific things, I know so many illusions I know that I just see the world like an iceberg. But, I don<t know how to deal with it. I really need help please…

Joseph Salazar
February 4, 2015 6:30 am

I’m 16 years old and I listen to rappers that talk about the third eye and that are spiritual. I’ve looked into the third eye and did some research. how do I access my third eye? Am I to young? How do I find my spirt animal? Please clarify!

They said that third eye could control things. You can move things with your third eye is that true?

@Helfi: No that is not true. The third eye is a sense. For example: Can you move something with your ears? No you can hear something and the react accordingly.

Now the whole topic of how to do spiritual work is a whole another thing! People often mix up third eye between spiritual topics and physical topics which is a mistake since working with something spiritually is very different than working with it physically. But the two get mixed up in very interesting ways.

Sometimes when I close my eyes I see lots of faces emerging and disappearing. This has happened when I’ve had my meditation music on, is this my third eye?

A few months back my mother passed and after she passed I started feeling different I started feeling energy in my hands after filling the center of my forehead numb and if I walk by a dimly lit room mirror mirror I can see a globe over my head.Sometimes my hands just float over top of each other I can just put my hand straight ot and it’ll stay straight and I can you know basicaly feel energy in my hands and when I try to text my head sometimes I can it won’t allow me to

@Izzy: Sometimes pivotal points in our life, such as the passing of someone important can numb/shock us and put us into a detached mind set, or create a spiritual shock. Exercise with Qi Gong and let yourself catch back up to your own personal life. It can be a few months before you resettle back into feeling normal again.

@Courtney: No initially this isn’t the third eye as much as imagination and the mind beginning to sort our how to hold quieter moments such as in meditation. However, imagination is part of the gateway into slowly expanding and connecting into the ability to see and work with potential. So if over time you explore this, it can be developed into some simple third eye experiences.

@Joseph: For younger students especially, I recommend starting with qi gong, yoga, martial arts and also art / music etc. Just practice being alive and developing several physical motion and artistic skills first.

sheilamay flores
March 4, 2015 3:19 pm

My son said ma theres a people who stand in our door or sometimes in our stairs or sometimes in other side of our house but I don’t see it, he just say it with fear or sometimes hes chilling and I also feels fear too if it happened, I don’t want my child experience this because he got trauma for seeing of something we don’t see.What can I do to stop this Aura appears in my son?

@Shilamay: You probably should consider this as imaginary friends which is a pretty normal part of growing up.

I was told my third eye is in reverse. What does that mean? I also did vibrational therapy and during the extraction of bad energy had a vision of a girl getting raped. What does that mean?

@Jessica: We don’t interpret visions unless you are a student of ours, and then we teach a person over time how to work and interpret their own visions.

As for your third eye being in reverse, you would have to ask the person who said it for more clarification. It is a contextual statement relative to something you are doing with your visions.

Often times the memory of a person long forgotten comes into my head for a few days. I remember conversations I had with them or just think about them for no reason in particular, then I find out that they have died. This has happened so many times, sometimes thier memory appears just before they die. This does not happen with everyone I know who has died but more often with people whom I dont see on a regular basis. It just happened again yesterday with a man I met briefly six weeks ago, a nice older man in good health. I started thinking about our brief conversation three days ago only to learn yesterday that he had been in a coma when the rememberance started. I found out through a Facebook post that he died yesterday. Is this just coincidence or are they coming to me somehow? It doesn’t scare me but I would like to understand it better. Thanks for reading this post. Deb

Jean-Francois Dude you’re perfectly fine, just confused. I’ve opened my third eye since last year, it was really thought. Its still thought. Everyday will be, just don’t be scare about what you see and perceive. Talk with someone, an open mind friend. Do some research, meditate a lot and search for your higher self. Thats all I can teach you. Blessings

Hi and thank you ,
I have so many experience since I was a little girl. For example My dreams comes true,, Exactly the Same. I remember that one night when I was about 8 years old I saw myself while I was sleep. When I was young a woman who worked with chakras told me that my third eye was approximately open and she opened it completely. From that day I started to see so many things… something different than before. . and I could not close my eyes because I saw a face of an old man, so close to me . He was looking eyes to eyes to me. He was old… and I did not know what should I do…. I had so many experience, but when ever I told to the others they told me that I should visit a doctor… I want to use this power. I knew that I am not crazy…. I would like to start again to use this ability after so many years which I denied it Can you kindly give me some advices?

With Respect,


Aloha Debbie: Yes, some people are more in tune with the spirits of people who are in transition and passing on. It sounds like you may be having this experience. Sometimes spirits need a little help transitioning. You can continue to pay attention as you already are and see if there is anything more they are trying to communicate with you. You can also send them blessings, see them in their light and wish them well as they transition.

Aloha Sol: Yes, dreams are a wonderful way to receive helpful information about our life and commonly give us a peek into future potentials. Wonderful that you are listening to your dreams and the visions you are receiving. I’d recommend keeping a journal of your dreams, insights, intuitions and visions. Date them and you can even give them titles. Then, over time, track whether you listen to them (or not) and what happens. Some dreams will inspire you to take actions right away and some may take time to play out fully. By tracking your intuitions and insights in this way, you can start to build trust again from within.

Omar Khawaja
March 25, 2015 8:21 am

I recently thought I was pioneering a concept in Psychology that I named 3rd eye. What this concept meant to me was a state of mind. This state of mind is a very neutral state in which all the worldly things such as emotions, stereotypes, etc. are filtered out and I only observe things happening around me from a bird eye view, an analytical view. I used this metaphoric visualization to see past hypes created by people towards the purchase of a product, the lies told by people, and discovering patterns in nature that weren’t known by anyone. Before I was about tell my friends about this new concept that I pioneered, I thought to Google 3rd eye and stumbled upon this website which says a lot of things identical to what I came up with. I am very shocked and creeped out by how so many things I came up with are things someone else also discovered. Using my 3rd eye concept I can filter out emotions and make decisions based on the best choice. I don’t know if this concept of mine is the exact same as yours but I would be interested in getting to know if it is.

Hi, I have dreams that come true and they actually happen in real life and i know how to interpret my dreams, but I want to know if my dreams are something to do with my third eye.

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