Power animals are a spiritual relationship with a helping spirit which shows itself to you in the form of an animal such as a bird, cat or bear.  They provide you with power, protection, and support.

As you dive into your spiritual journey, whether you are four years old, 40 years old or 104 years old, shamanic cultures view a strong relationship with power animals as one key to well-being.


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Power Animal hummingbird

As a child you probably naturally gravitated toward animals.  Through stuffed animals, nature shows, costumes, clothes, pets and outdoor hikes it is possible to build an early relationship with nature and animals.

If you have children in your life, there are many creative ways to encourage a strong relationship to animals.

You may take a young child to a toy store and let them pick out a stuffed animal.  Don’t be surprised if it is different than what you would pick for them!  Encourage a child’s connection to nature and animals but don’t force it.  Teach children how to take care of animals and visit wild places where animals live.  In this way, you can encourage a lifelong connection to nature, animals, and spirit!

As a teenager, and going through quarter-life in your twenties, you may identify with a school mascot as a power animal.

You are usually able to live more gracefully with power, protection, and support.  So, as you grow, find ways to stay in touch, reconnect and strengthen your power animal relationships as well as stay open to new ones.

How you connect to your power animals may change over time too.  You may travel to Alaska to visit the polar bears, put an image of a polar bear on your phone and keep that polar bear stuffed animal with you in your backpack.

At any point in life, you may connect and re-connect to power animals.  Some ways to do this intentionally may be through visualization and other spiritual practices.  For example, during meditation, you may experience a vision of a power animal.

We’ve created a simple, audio meditation to help you connect to a power animal as part of our membership.

You may also consider receiving a power animal retrieval, a shamanic method used to connect you to a helping spirit. In the practice of shamanism, this is typically one of the first things you do with a shamanic practitioner.  In this way, connecting to a power animal may become a more conscious spiritual relationship providing you with power, protection, and support.

Power Animal Nene

Depleted Souls

When Orcas breathe fills your lungs,
Do you expect uranium lies?
Can you feel the chromosomes
Of your flesh in a frenzy?

Do you dare clean up reality,
Open your heart to iceberg tips,
Invite the Orca, orange and purple, to
Echolocate your beached passions?

Will a trace of injustice
Kill the intellect of Orcas rejoice,
In a celebration of death with or
Without inhaled truths?

Can you move on the back of a killer whale,
Disable your missiles,
Waking, dancing, tasting, breathing
The inherent liberation of life?

Jewelie Alessio (2003)

Typically, you will have at least one primary power animal who is with you throughout life.  Then, there may be other power animals that show up in dreams, meditations, and journeys that provide you with teachings, inspiration or specific support for a shorter period.

A power animal connection isn’t only a one-way connection. As much as a power animal helps, you can give back. Often the giving back is the creativity you push outward that starts from ideas given to you by the power animal.

You may be inspired to create art or to write after a power animal visits you.

A conscious relationship with a power animal means that you are aware of it and participate by giving and receiving.  There are many ways to reciprocate and honor your power animal.

For example, you can eat foods your power animal likes, paint a picture of your power animal and visit it in your dreams.  You can always ask your power animal how to give back and find ways that resonate for you.

Power Animal Boar
power animal turtle

You can also connect to a power animal through shamanic journeying.

Ask a shamanic practitioner to drum for you or use a good shamanic drumming track, set your intention to meet with a power animal and see who shows up.  Sometimes an animal will pop into your mind’s eye and sometimes you will sense their presence.


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Give gratitude for a power animal showing up and providing you with power, protection, and support.  Be curious and see if there is something they’d like to show you.  Focus your attention and follow!

Practical Power Animal Support

Below is an example of one person’s experience receiving practical support from their power animal during a time of anxiety.

Last Friday, I was scheduled to give a presentation at a research conference. On the two days prior to my presentation, I had meditated with my Power Animal a couple of times and simply asked for guidance through the presentation. As I was waiting in the audience for my group’s symposium, I was going over my talk in my mind and trying to cope with some anxious thoughts. Then something interesting happened. I felt a strong gust of wind in the room, and the ambient sound was muted for a couple of seconds. My ears rang, and I was not aware of my surroundings. As my awareness gradually returned to the room, I noticed that nobody else seemed to have this experience. And then I had a knowing that whatever happened during my presentation would be fine. I was very grateful to have had this experience! (Josh)

Josh was able to request and receive support from his power animal for his presentation and the anxiety he was feeling.


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Hi, I had a vivid dream of myself as a woman (i am), sitting in a throne like chair, I could see my legs and below me there was a procession of big tamed animals, a tiger, a rhino and an elephant. Astride each were men dressed in purple/red robes like bishops maybe. They were passing through a stone archway on which I surveyed from above.
I’d like to know significance?

I recently have been seeing animal human hybrids frequently. There is no commanility in the place, time, people, or animals. For example one day at the gas pump the woman across from me was all human except she had the head of a horse. While driving another day I saw a woman waiting on the corner and her legs looked like the legs of a raven. I’m wondering if you have any information about this. I feel very strongly it is something mystical and I have other psychic oracle gifts. This is fairly new in comparison of everything else and… Read more »

I had an experience where i had a dream i was being attacked and then i woke up. That same day i did a meditation and grounding. Usually i greet spirit at a gate then go into meditation. So my spirit beings began to act weird one just kinda laughed the other told me to run. I then to my circle and grounded. Then as i was coming back to my body i went to say goodbye to the spirits only when i did the one that told me to run became under attack and i felt as if she… Read more »

I have always quietly had the feeling that sometimes at particular moments through out my life, I would like to describe as having some very special experiences. I have always had the feeling of been given a certain guidance by these experiences even though I didn’t know what they meant. I am in my fifties now and feel it would be the time to understand those past and present experiences. Recently a kitten came into my life and I have developed a special connection with this animal.This cat is about 7 months and has just had 3 kittens of her… Read more »

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