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Being a Seer

If you look up at the night sky: What do you see? If you live in a modern town… not much due to light pollution. However, ancient seers mapped the stars in great detail, in so much detail it surprised…

Dream Teachings

Most of us go to bed and don’t remember our dreams when we wake up. We don’t commonly ask each other, “How were your dreams?” This is curious to me. So, I started becoming more aware of my dreams. Why…

Third Eye FAQ

Third Eye FAQ – Common Third Eye Questions Read First: An Introduction to the Third Eye. Then for an initial overview of the third eye, you can purchase the following Third Eye video. Finally, you can review the various answers…

Understanding Our Visions

In the push to understand our visions, people often pull them apart and destroy their visions.  We will teach you how to work with visions with a light touch. Let’s review how to be successful with your visions. <Prev |…
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What is the Third Eye?

The third eye is our ability to see what might be, to see potential. Everyone has access to his or her third eye. For example, when you have a hunch and act on it, you’ve used your third eye. But…
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Working with Dreams

Dream Introduction Do you have a vivid memory from a dream?  Are you curious to explore and learn more about your dreams?  Studies have shown that most adults dream every night.  Yet, most people don’t remember their dreams upon awakening.…

Working with Dreams About Change

Using Your Midlife Dreams for Guidance At midlife, it’s common to have intense dreams that aren’t fully understood, feel strange or curious and even terrifying. Believe it or not, these midlife dreams are often trying to support us, engage new…

Working with Intuition

A simple starting definition for intuition: Intuition is the gut feeling to pause and look for more graceful paths. Working with Your Intuition Don’t confuse intuition to be the same thing as the third eye or our sixth sense. Our…

Sharing A Vision

I had a vision of the near future one night.

I foresaw a Thousand Thousand Prophets.

A thousand thousand as in a Million Prophets arising over the next ten years.

Not prophets who will preach about religion, nor bicker with each other about there only being a single path to freedom. A million people standing up to teach kindness, grace and just helping others live a better life. A thousand thousand different ways to live kindly. People around the world, in every nation and land; who will smile at each other and know it’s all to be about kindness and living to heart.

People rather than fighting over “the best way” instead will see the many different paths. They will work together, to see even newer paths that they wouldn’t see alone.

In the past: at great times, history would reveal one or two great prophets arising to meet the needs of the times. Today with the internet and communication structures opening up, with so many ways to live: I see so many of us rising to meet the needs to change our world and using kindness to bridge the differences in worldviews.

All the pieces are in place now.

Watch, and you can see even now, many many people stepping up to help each other. Like drops of fresh, steady rain that begins restoring a dry lake bed and now more than restoring, literally refreshing a parched social landscape into a new life.

It doesn’t take much to see this now happening, look around, look at the teachings, and you will find without much effort those getting out to help, many people showing how to live with their own life with a more graceful path.

People always wish to be born in great times. People often miss the transformation since they are looking to the old ways of change, not realizing that for each great point of history: it changes up the story of how it happens.

People are so focused looking for the “One”; they’re missing the fact thousands are currently stepping up and doing just that now, Speaking up and living the difference that creates the new world, even as we speak.

As we connect up in a web of teachings: then things get interesting, and change becomes inspirational for an entire world to behold.

What this will all look like no one can say because this is the first time it will happen in this manner. It’s unfolding right now, as we watch in real time.

That was the vision I had once upon a time. I Just wanted to share it 🙂

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