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Third Eye Guide – What is the Third Eye?

The third eye is our ability to see what might be, to see potential.

Everyone has access to his or her third eye. For example, when you have a hunch and act on it, you’ve used your third eye. But that’s only the beginning. Your third eye is a sense, one you can develop to be more refined and accurate than just being a hunch.

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What is the Third Eye?

The third eye is rooted in the pineal gland. While the pineal gland might be the focal point for the sixth sense, the third eye is actually much more than just training yourself to connect to the pineal gland.

The Third Eye is a natural part of every person. One way to think of it is as a “meta” organ that consists of your mind and all of your senses working together as a larger, more powerful sensory organ that the pineal gland then acts as a focal point to create a vision. The Third Eye is a very clever bit of natural evolution that allows you to see the patterns in your life. Even more amazing, your third eye can reveal these patterns to you by overlaying this information on top of your other senses.

As a sense, your third eye can be used in many different ways. Seers use their third eye to understand hidden connections and answer questions. Energy workers ‘feel’ the energies around them and to then consciously manipulate that energy. And every time you have empathy, you are using your third eye to touch and feel the emotions of others. Many other examples exist for how people use the Third Eye.

Seeing with the Third Eye

To understand how the third eye works, let’s look at how it is possible to use the Third Eye to sense and visually interpret energy around us. It’s possible to see Motion (for example a car moving), Activity (you driving the car) and Exchange of Energy (burning the gas). Add in our capacity of sensing & projecting potential (being able to predict where the car goes based on the roads and knowing the driver), in other words seeing where energy, motion, and activities will flow to over time. Add all this together into an internal visual map, and you have just expanded how you see Energy playing out (the results of using the car/gasoline/intention to drive you up the hill). By seeing energy as a mental overlay rather than just an abstract concept, it becomes a tangible property of life that we can learn how to sense and interact within a deeper manner.

Is it possible to really ‘see’ energy? Not directly. While our eyes can see the results of energy in action, seeing energy directly is another thing altogether. Our eyes only ‘see’ what they are designed to see, light. What our third eye does is process information and then overlay that information over our other senses in such a way we can then interpret and interact with energy in a more precise manner. In this way, we can understand where the energy is, and we can ‘see’ it.

This makes sense, if you think about it. The mind has figured something out and wants to tell us. The easiest way for it to do this is to use what it already has access to: our five normal senses.

Understanding the Third Eye

This 45 minute general introduction to the third eye talks about:

(1) What is Potential?
(2) What is the Third Eye Physically?
(3) How does the Third Eye Manifest Itself?
(4) Is the Third Eye Something to Fear?
(5) More About Fear and the Third Eye.
(6) Am I Crazy?
(7) How to Express Your Third Eye Visions.
(8) Picking a Third Eye Practice and Community
(9) Learning How to Optimize Our Visions.
(10) Can You Manifest Real Things with the Third Eye?
(11) Can You Travel to Different Worlds with the Third eye?
(12) Can I Share What I See?
(13) How to Develop Your Skills in the Third Eye.
(14) An Example of Using the Third Eye
(15) Practice Interpreting Your Visions.

People will make the ability appear as a mystical power being able to “see” or “predict” processes, events, potentials which are not physically present. But it’s a very real and tangible skill.

Because so much depends on your ability to interpret results, there is a lot of room for mistranslation between the “facts” and what your third eye returns to you. Also, because each of us sees things differently, it can be problematic to share what we see with others. For example, when we hear the word ‘cup’, each of us may visualize a completely different cup. What one person will sense is different from another.

Of course, commonalities exist. We are human and our form, our nature help push us towards common baselines of experience. However, the unique nature of each person also ensures that each of us sees the world from a different angle.

It shouldn’t be surprising, then, that there are so many different mystical practices to explore all the different perceptions of the world we hold.

Lets use Aura’s as an example.

Consider a person who sees auras or light. Auras are in fact such an information overlay. Your brain has the ability to process visual information, but the image it creates for you is not limited to what comes from your eyes. Consider what you see on this page as you read it. You aren’t seeing black lines. You are seeing words and then concepts and ideas overlaid on top of them.

Now envision yourself looking at another person. You don’t just see what he or she is wearing. Your whole neural network, mind and sense organs form a larger more sensitive antenna that picks up on energy and patterns before you. There are so many clues in front of you that tell you about the person’s emotional state, well-being, level of distraction, and so many other factors. Your third eye has a lot to share with you and so it puts this information into what you see by adding an aura. In reality what you are seeing is slightly different over what is happening: but your mind is always altering your experience to give you extra information to work with. If you look at the scientific research you will discover the mind is constantly editing our perception. So the third eye uses this natural mental capacity to alter our perception to add in extra data more than we realize.

Seeing auras, chakras or energy can appear as a mystical power, depending upon a person’s level of skill. But it is just that: a very real and tangible skill, one that can be taught. A person can even be taught how to view auras in a standard way.


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Reaching Out with My Sixth Sense

People make a mistake to think that the third eye is an active process. In fact, a common question is:

“What does the Third Eye DO?”

The third eye is a sense. Senses do nothing directly other than relay information to you.

What do your eyes actively do? Nothing, you can’t shoot lasers or heat vision from your eyes. Your eyes instead return visual information.

What does your hearing actively do? Nothing, you don’t consciously create noise out from your ears. Your ears instead return auditory information.

The third eye is a sense. It returns information about potentials and energetic state. Potentials represent what might be, and Energetic state is about how something is being held.

The action, or DO is how you use the information you gain from your senses.

So many people if they only listen and then acted upon what they heard, wouldn’t get into so much trouble. Likewise in vision, so many people don’t truly “look” and miss opportunities as they rush past things.

The third eye is a sense, it returns information on what might be and also energetic states. With it you can sense another person’s emotions: that’s empathy. The third eye you can let you feel how a person is doing. It can show you how a person’s life story is flowing. With the third eye, you can get inklings of what might be ahead, behind or out of sight.

Meditation and Perception

Expand Perception
Become Lucky

Your Third Eye Could Already Be Open.

Many times the trick isn’t opening the third eye but to recognize we see more than we realize. For many people, it’s already open (most people only squint through the third eye). The real problem is most people unconsciously ignore it altogether. For others, it’s something to fear so many people actively look away when it is trying to show you something.

Opening the third eye means practicing using your sixth sense. The trick is learning how to accept it is there and then interpret what you are sensing over time. The bigger problem is all too many people force the process and then get overwhelmed by stories, yes stories! More interestingly, the third eye is the only sense that shows us stories. We are human; to be human is to live with our stories; we do have senses to navigate those stories. The sixth sense is our prime sense we use to follow a story and predict where a story is going towards.

Because we use stories to create a map of how to navigate the world, Our mind creates mental stories for us in the form of visions that the third eye stirs up to use as mini maps. In part to get in touch with the third eye is to become a storyteller, to see a story and then use it to help move more gracefully in life.

Extreme events like a midlife crisis, trauma, or other life-changing moments can force a person’s third eye open. Any situation that dramatically changes a person’s experience of the world can be the catalyst for changing how they see potential.

Most people either don’t listen to their third eye, so they work a bit harder to move thru life. Or all too many people over embellish and then make the third eye story larger than life, which doesn’t help a person much either.

Working with Spirit

Receive Insight and Guidance

Managing and Closing the Third Eye

To learn how to better control your third eye you can purchase the following Third Eye video.

The video will go over:

  • An introduction to the nature of the third eye.
  • How to work with the third eye to moderate visions.
  • How to release the third eye to close it.
  • How to work more efficiently with your senses.
  • How to dispel visions.
  • How to redirect visions.
  • An introduction to protective shields.
  • Using mantras to balance out your visions.
  • To dispel shadow visions.
  • Advice to redirect and heal from what you see from the third eye.
  • Understanding and redirecting a Psychic attack.
  • Tricks for protecting yourself from visions.

This video will be useful for anyone who is curious about the third eye. In addition, if you want manage or close your third eye this video will help you.

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Third Eye Questions/Comments

Before you post a comment or question, please take the time to:

  • Read the previous comments. This conversation has been continuing for quite a while. It is worth taking a moment to digest and understand what has already been explored here. To see more of the conversation, click on ‘Older Comments’ after the last comment shown.
  • I will not re-answer a question I have already answered several times here.
  • Be clear and direct so that I can respond appropriately. I realize the experience of the third eye often goes beyond words, which makes it even more important to take the time to edit and make your comments clear and concise.
  • We only teach how to work with visions directly to our students. We will delete any question asking us to interpret a vision.
  • I will delete any Third Eye comments which are: rantings, morality/judgement statements, mention the use of drugs, medical questions, link to outside pages or aren’t respectful. Also on this page, I approach the third Eye as a natural phenomenon: Posts with religious references are removed.


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Hello I was recently in meditation and all of a sudden I felt a pull on my third eye energetically? I broke the connection and tried to meditate again and it happened again. Now my third is throbbing. Have you ever heard of such an occurrence?

Hi, so I was watching a video that was playing music that was supposed to help open my third eye and as I was meditating on the music a brown wolf appeared in my minds eye, I’m trying to find its true meaning.

I always have a vision since as a child.
Until now I’m 29.
And now, Iunderstand.
I have a third eye.
I thought before it was not.
Because I thought it doesn’t appear in vision.
But now I got it.
As I reading this article I fully understand and accept the fact.
Thank you .

Hi, I’m a 19 year old female, and I have always suffered from migraines but a couple months or so ago I have been experiencing auras with my migraines as well. The only thing is, it last for days, weeks even. I have went to my doctor, tried sleeping, medicine, everything and I can’t seem to shake the aura. Do you think it’s possible it could be my third eye? I never even tried to open my third eye or even tried to explore it until like now. I just get really scared/nervous when I get the auras because it… Read more »

Hello, I’m Rita, and ever since I was very young I have these episodes while I’m sleeping where I can’t move and my eyes are closed but I can see everything in my room and hear people that may be in my room at the same time. I thought this may be a sleep disorder for many years but ever since reading about the pineal gland I think it may be that. Another thing that concerns me is usually right after closing my eyes I see people I do not know in places I have not been to and they… Read more »

Could this be it? What I’ve always wanted to know, “what to call it?” I have always said, “I see things differently than other people.” Many things from inanimate objects, what is important in life, not wanting to conform, being like everyone else would be a fate worse than death itself, and the World! I see the, “Potential” of Objects, other than what they were designed and made for. As I pass by them and look at them, they speak to me in a sense. Example: I was looking for a Curtain Rod for some Curtains I wanted to hang.… Read more »

From a very young age and into my 30’s , I feel my 3rd eye was very receptive. I fell into addiction on and off for 12 yrs. Have been clean 3 yrs now. I sense I still have a slight connection. What is the possibility options for me to regain it?

What does it mean to see the sun/moon in your 3rd eye?

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