Facing Crisis – Standing Up to the Times

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We got an email today of someone in pain watching the events. I will summarize the email down for simplicity’s sake.

The world has become a living hell. How are we to see all the negative problems from a Daoist point of view? I work to absorb and redirect the problems but how do I use this principle in a larger manner?

I will give you a series of answers that taken together will give you a robust answer to facing the times. Please do modify my answers to fit your needs and essence.

Have a Daily Routine

This may sound like a strange answer, but having a daily routine will save you after something hard knocks you down. Let’s be honest, some days, and some events will knock the socks off you. No one is strong enough to face this every day without getting worn down into despair. A daily routine will pick you back up when you get knocked down in life. You roll with the unknown, but also have a simple routine you can use to jump-start those days that knock you down.

Here is my daily routine.

  1. Every day I face something that breaks my heart.
  2. Each day, I help someone stand stronger by helping them face their challenges.
  3. Every day I use 1 & 2 to inspire me to go to the next day.
  4. Each day I improve how I work in kindness (kind-fu), so I am ready for the next day.

While I make part of my practice facing the hard truths, but that doesn’t mean I only face the hard stuff. I make sure to pause and practice being kind as the majority of my daily practice.

Hold the dark lightly!

Notice my routine is 3/4 light and 1/4 facing the dark. One secret to lasting the distance is pacing how fast you face the problems in life. You will pause quite often as you work through your challenges.

Face The Crisis!

In this crisis, ask yourself:

  • How do you expand your family?
  • How can I shape a new future rather than do nothing?
  • What opportunities are being exposed to reinvent oneself?
  • What are the true connections around you?
  • How do I open the world to an expanded humanity?

People ask me how to save the world, how to be strong now, and I will say: Don’t only redirect or absorb the energy and events, rather create new narratives and expand your stories! Use the energy given to you to help craft these new stories. Don’t waste any energy on the fearful stories. Consistently experiment and put this extra energy into building an expanded and hopeful humanity. Expand your practice to include Spiritual Jiu-Jitsu and flip negative perceptions to positive actions!

We aren’t passing through Hell; we are being given a chance to build towards Heaven.

During the pandemic, your efforts ironically will have an elevated impact around you because most people will simply stop trying to improve life and wait for others to give answers. So those of us who push ahead will have a bigger impact on the shape of our future society.

I repeat this is an opportunity for redefining our narratives. Join us at the awakening dragon community to help out. You don’t have to be alone to change the world, or work towards a better story!

Watch a recent Livestream about respect to learn a little more about our community.

Ironically a hour before I got this email question, I wrote up the following thoughts and feelings on my facebook feed. This should give you some perspective when feeling stuck or overwhelmed by current events. Perhaps you can use these words for inspiration.

Facing The Pain, Facing Our Crisis

A crisis is an opportunity to fix something. Let’s not agree on what is better, nor final solutions. Instead, let’s be kind, let love be how we connect rather than hurt, let’s do this in each our own way.

If you could feel my heart now, you would feel RAGE, PAIN, torn spIRIT and you would find LOVE, Kindness, and HOpe. The pain would overwhelm you at first and the hope would lift you back up. I hide most of this because people don’t understand that pain can be constructively used in life. But understand it pushes me forward to helping others. So don’t say anything to console me. Instead, reach others and be kind, if you want to truly want to earn my respect.

I will not stop being kind, nor working to making the world a better place, I will fucking do so till my heart bursts… And I will do so in a way that most of what I do will be subtle and simple. Because I feel each person needs to stand in their own power. But at times we all need a simple gentle supporting moment to kick off our own fight to make life better.

But realize this, the longer one waits the harder it will be. Every few months like clockwork will be another test, another fuckedup event.

Waiting is not an option unless you only want “fucked up” to define your life.

Besides, you can’t make a fucking difference once dead and buried… All I know doing nothing means you have already lost. Yet standing up to proactively improve life around you is the only path that keeps you in the game.

Don’t let a bursting heart nor indifference, nor disagreement stop you from being kind and evolving this mess into a better situation

In decades of fighting, hidden, in public, in so many ways. Kindness is the only thing I have found that works in true support of change and soothes the bursting heart.

Much love to all. I wish you balance in how you find peace with your own involvement in how society evolves ahead.

What do I want from everyone? Nothing, other than you to be you and be kind as you do it. Because only being oneself with indifference destroys the world.

Remember, An asshole with passion will always wins over a saint doing nothing. Hell, you can be an asshole and a saint at the same time, just do it with kindness.

Part 2 – Facing Crisis & Crisis Management, looks at crisis management relative to the changes happening around the world in 2021.

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Live life kindly, gracefully, with modesty while embracing a colorful story to enjoy!

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