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How to Heal Yourself – Becoming Whole

What is Healing?

It’s critical to understand what healing yourself means.

To heal: is to make whole.

A fundamental problem that limits any healing process is: not understanding what being whole is all about.

Healing Yourself

Art By Lehanan

Helping You Heal
Helping You Heal

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Being alive includes the challenges of life. The process to overcome/grow from our challenges shape us in a very tangible manner. In healing, you must take into account how you work with the challenges in life.

As examples: To take a pill to cure an illness doesn’t resolve lifestyle and other factors that define and then manifest in that person’s illness. To only run away from abuse doesn’t take into account what drove a person into abuse.

It’s critical to learn from our challenges and change in relation to those challenges in order to truly be whole.

Healers often split apart the physical, mental and spiritual parts of our nature to make healing oneself simpler.  The mistake becomes to leave it all separate. Remember true healing, as it’s about wholeness, must always balance out mind, body, and spirit in the outcome. While a healing process may start off simple to begin a process of fixing one part of our nature: the larger process of healing always will become a tapestry of actions that blend in elements of physical, mental and spiritual parts of one’s life. To do this fully, healing becomes a process of growth.

Healing yourself isn’t about getting back to a predefined state of where you once were! (This is one flaw of modern medicine) To do so actually limits and then helps foster decay in a person’s spirit.

In other words: it’s important that a healing technique is always part of a more extensive process of growth, rather than a single static simple action.

If you are getting healed, and you are not growing from the healing experience, then you know something is fundamentally wrong in the technique of healing being applied to you. You should always question quick fixes and static solutions, as in the end, such solutions won’t blend into the larger story of your life, won’t help you truly become whole.

Explore Options While Healing Yourself

Many healing paths exist!

Another exciting aspect of healing yourself is that many paths exist in finding wholeness.

For instance, sometimes to be whole means to become something new, sometimes to be whole is to release issues of the past.

We have to understand what we are in wholeness can shift quite radically based on how we grow into our life.

Also: Don’t get attached to a single solution to a problem. Many paths and many solutions exist. All too often, healers themselves get defined to their healing practices. As a result, they become blinded to other possibilities and even better alternatives to a person’s situation.

If you get stuck to a single vision of what wholeness can look like, you can miss countless better alternatives to your future life. For example, in a midlife crisis, people often focus more on release and running to an external solution rather than working on their inner change. As a result, midlifers often give up more than they bargain for in their healing process. Helping a person heal in midlife crisis is often a process of slowing a person down to show them all the options they have in life.

Soul Work

Healing Your Soul

Healing Styles

Style matters.

Sometimes the very process and tools used in healing yourself, become a critical part of what we are. For example, a wheelchair when used as an extension of the body can be a beautiful thing rather than merely a tool. How we look at something effects how it is used.

If you view a tool as a tool, it will always be a tool. But if you perceive something as an extension of you, then your spirit goes into that item/process, and it helps make you beautiful. Because then you extend the grace of your actions into that extension of yourself.

We work over the phone and also offer healing retreats!

Being Whole

Don’t forget about yourself!

One problem of Modern Healing Techniques and Psychiatry is how they view the process of healing. Modern processes work towards healing a person to an outside averaged state of being based on medical knowledge statistically gathered over many years. This is great when the problem you face is a well known average problem, but fails when you are dealing with something new or more complicated than a standard problem.

Part of the teachings here is to reinforce a person’s capacity to be complete not by outside standards but within your nature.

Whenever you work with any healer: it’s always important to hold “space” for yourself. You need to be your advocate on your nature and form.

You are the expert at being you!

Spiritual Healing

People often forget that most western healers deal only in the physical aspects of life: since it’s easiest to regulate to a common standard. However, what about spiritual healing?

Healing Myself

Art By Josu Hernaiz

What is a spiritual healer?

Spiritual healers help a person re-start their life back into a journey.

In other words: to be whole in one’s life path.

Many people get stuck in problems:

  • In trying to be something they are not,
  • In trying to fit in someone else’s predefined mold of what they should be

So many people forget to move with their life, as it happens. To instead move in a way that goes counter to their life, counter to their inner truth. This, in turn, causes harm. Don’t take this wrong. People are highly flexible, able to follow many different paths. In the countless numbers of humanity, there are limitless stories of what is possible.

But also know for each person, some paths fit better than others. At times this means it’s important to follow an easier path and at times it means taking the hardest. The job of a spiritual healer is to help guide a person along these pathways. Not to make it easier but to enable a person to explore their nature and potential fully.

This is not a process that fits any guidebook since it is undefined by default: in other words of the Tao. This is why so much of Taoist practice focuses on healing on all levels of life.

Healing Advice – Live!

When healing, people tend to slow down and stop living fully.

To stop living is never a proper approach to healing.

Rather healing is about refocusing how you live.

Yes, you should slow down when healing yourself but not to stop living life either. When healing yourself, there is an opportunity to live and explore life in an even deeper more perceptive manner than you might realize. While in a state of healing: the body and mind often then go into a deeper state of awareness also: Your body is focused on healing, which also focuses your senses in a new manner. Use this truth and explore living with your heightened senses. Yes, you might be a bit worn out from healing, so you are not going to be exactly leaping about. However, with the expanded awareness that comes with healing yourself,  use that awareness to live in deeper more profound manners also.

So don’t stop exploring life when healing yourself. Yes, do pace yourself with the healing process. Living doesn’t mean always to be running at full steam, running at full steam even while healthy will break a person. Rather living is about interacting with life around you. So yes slow down and prioritize how you flow with others, yet don’t forget life, your life, when healing.

A little help
goes a long way
in becoming whole.


We have both inner and outer challenges in life. When we find a balance between our inner challenges, it then becomes possible to find grace. Trying to solve our inner issues with outer solutions based on others often creates endless chasing in our healing process.

Wholeness is a complicated process; how we are whole internally can be different in how others will view wholeness for you.

Try to work towards finding peace internally. This often eases the healing path. Then concentrate on larger outer problems of how others see and interface with you. Few people can do this because most people insist on only defining themselves based on others.

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All Healing Articles

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Kevin Ryan

Thank you for a marvelous page, we are one to it that you are healers a lot. In Tian Gong courses I learned how to heal a lot of things in my life, I hope you are well. Peace. Tian Gong is now called Feng Huang Yuan. Thank you.


So I started my healing phase and find myself crying uncontrollably. It could mean I’m releasing suppressed feelings from my best, even though I’m in a good place my heart is aching and have feelings for someone I’m not sure feels the same way.


This topic was likely written for people more injured or sick than I. But I find it applies very much to me, as it is. Easy to forget that I am healing. Probably pushing too hard at this stage. New Mexico cowboy kind of mentality I was born into makes me think I should never admit to weakness. Your writings on breathing have been good for me. Yes, I heard about breathing in other times, from other people, tried it some but was not much help to me. All the stuff about some blue light or such, that comes in… Read more »

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