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Taoist Art and the Uncarved Block

Art of Soul & Spirit

Art is the exploration of our soul. It can be a hard journey to discover our nature through art. It also shows such wonders along the path of creation.

Taoist art is about exploring the joy of life. I am sure many definitions exist to what classical Taoist art is…

However: think about this from a Taoist viewpoint for a second.

To a Taoist: All art is Taoist when it explores our nature.

Traditionally, Taoist’s prefer to minimize the construction of their art: using flowing mediums such as ink, to capture the moment. However, again no correct rule exists. Some Taoist engravings or weaving can be overwhelmingly colorful and filled with the most complex weaves you could imagine.

The Uncarved Block

The uncarved block represents the ultimate art form since in potential; the uncarved block can be everything. However, Taoists are human loving to give in to emotions, whimsy, and freedom to just let go. To let the art take the artist to the wildest heights.

This is an example of a Taoist letting go. Taking the uncarved block of wild boulders, and seeing in it themselves. Our very nature within the rock.

We are many things in life, including at times: rock. Our potential is what we might be, and reality becomes the shape we carve out for ourselves. Ideally, we leave our shape un-touched, un-formed so we can experience life fully.

Strangely much of Taoist practice reverses the shaping that we do upon ourselves. We can start off with one shape, to let go of form, to then become whole and uncarved again.

Art In Life

My friend Peony just shared this link to Japanese manhole covers.

Art is the expression of exploring our souls. We live in search and fulfillment of that soul. While the soul might be the core of who we are, it’s how we live that expresses and reveals the soul.

So why not create beauty in even the mundane, to add art in all we do, rather than so busily rushing on by.

I am not looking for answers, I can give dozens of reasons why people rush past life rather than embrace it as art. These answers only distract a person away from releasing into their nature.

So instead of looking for answers, experience this truth: It’s more important to pause occasionally, to embrace, to take the time to express beauty in life, your work and how you move in living. Be it a carpenter, office assistant or even ironmonger: it’s always possible to add a little flare of style in how you connect to the world. In doing so, it helps to illuminate nature & your inner self further than you might guess.

Our Nature in Nature