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Family and Love

Dandelions in the Sun, Breeze in the Flowers

DandelionsI just love dandelions. Brew them into tea, watch the bees play in the yellow pollen, blowing the seeds to float in the wind. I am so glad that Brisa also enjoys them so!

– Casey

My Dandelion Story

As a child, I used to mow lawns for cash. One customer just told me to cut the lawn when I felt it needed to be cut. I watched that lawn grow into this vast field of dandelions; it was a sea of yellow gold. Every day I was true to my customer’s request and would inspect and look carefully at the lawn to see if it needed to be mowed. Every day, the lawn just got more beautiful, becoming a sea of dandelions, complete with waves of yellow flowers in the wind. It didn’t need mowing; it was a miracle of nature. Which was too bad cause I could use the cash. Yet it just got more beautiful: one day it became a sea of dandelion seed clouds. The sea was a stormy expanse now of literally thousands of white globes releasing to the current of floating futures (it was a big lawn, over an acre). The next day the customer had some other kid cut the lawn. For one month that lawn was supremely beautiful. Then one afternoon about a month and a half after I took on the job: it became this vast boring, unused, one-inch high wasteland of grass.

In retrospect, I am surprised they waited for me for over a month to mow that lawn. But at the same time, the lawn owners did say, only to cut it when I felt it was needed. And they never did come to me asking me to do it, so I assume they agreed with my assessment. It surprised me when they did get someone else to cut it, but I shrugged and smiled since for a month it was the perfect sea of dandelions to swim within.

Even as a child being a Taoist was interesting 🙂

I wouldn’t float thru life any other way.

Children and Glowing Things

Freedom and Action

Photo By tracyjtz

Not all stories have to be long or complicated. What matters deeply from a story is how we use it, how we look at life from it and then grow into the next series of stories.

So for example here is a simple story:

Watching Brisamina, being 12 months old, gurgle in joy while grabbing Julie’s glowing camera.  Then she proceeds to reset the whole thing, and Julie’s shocked expression when everything begins to stop.

A simple story. Not much to it right? Nope from there it just made me think and laugh because it made me wonder about people.

Why do humans have an inborn, innate urge to pick up something that glows? I mean think about it: most anything that glows isn’t something that will be good to grab.

  • If it’s a glowing mushroom, it’s going to be toxic.
  • If it’s glowing in the sea water: Most likely a poisonous jellyfish or something else with a nasty surprise.
  • If it’s on the land, it’s fire or radioactive and going to burn you or worse.
  • If it’s sparkling in mid air.. then it’s ball lightning and will zap you.
  • If it’s a glowing fairy (Think Tinker Bell), well it will be pissed off and stab you with a mini pixie spear.
  • If it’s an electronic item, well then the child will push random buttons till the device blows up.

See what I mean? Glowing things are not good to grab. So why do children and infants grab it?

Life makes you ponder. Stories make you wonder, and that’s good.

Answers well they don’t matter as much. As it’s more fun to watch Brisamina scramble my partner’s electronic gizmo. It’s deeply important to be open to stories, even the simple ones and look at all the angles of life they connect you to

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Lost Diary Entry

I was going thru my computer directories looking for some stories I wrote a while ago. Instead I came across a long lost diary entry.

Once upon a time two people walked away into unknown futures.
The man learned life without a poem in his heart would be hard.
The woman learned the world is a little smaller without dragons by one’s side.

The story has many endings and the real ending is still to be found


Once upon a time a man found a woman.
They said hi and bowed politely to each other.
In the strangeness of times they both smiled and became friends.
Life swirled and danced about unexpectedly.
But through everything they remain friends (even when not talking)
and they do live happily ever after, even if apart.
no matter which ending one reads in the story book.

And life continues on
one story at a time…

Okavango Adventures


Mokoro Poler

The first quarter of our life is a time of exploration through adventure. When I was twenty-two I traveled to Botswana through the Student Project for Amity among Nations. During my summer in Botswana I hitchhiked with a friend from the capital city of Gaborone to the largest inland delta on the Earth called The Okavango Delta.

We hired a guide to take us out for two nights and three days for 200 Pula. I love that the Tswana people call their currency rain, the English meaning of Pula. James, our mokoro poler, patiently and expertly navigated us through the Okavango in a wooden canoe with a long wooden pole.

At this age, I was inexperienced when it came to basic survival yet I had immense trust! One example of this, is that we had only packed a Sprite, a Coke and an apple for food. While it was fun to act out Coke commercials in a wooden canoe in the middle of the Okavango, delirious from laughter, I don’t remember ever considering going back. Fearlessly, we ventured forward.

Me and JamesThe beauty of such trust and flowing fearlessly forward was that we were able to continue our adventure as well as be fed. James caught and cooked the best fish we’d ever tasted. At night, he stoked the fire and kept us safe in our tent. In the morning, he awakened us early and tracked zebra, cape buffalo and elephants for us to see.

On the final day we ventured out on foot early, taking our shoes off to cross wet swampy areas. Eventually, James stopped and pointed, showing us a herd of elephants crossing the swamp in the distance. It was amazing to watch the elephants crossing the Delta.

Suddenly, a loud thrashing and stomping came up on us from behind in the bushes. James took off running! And, we looked back to see a big elephant charging at us through the brush! We took off running too!

There are many experiences from this adventure but this particular one sticks in my being moreso than the others. It is one of those moments that comes up at parties when you have to list things that have really happened to you and trick people into picking the one that didn’t. One thing on my list is always “I’ve been chased by an elephant.”

I realized at a deep level that this elephant being could have easily killed us all. It chose not to. It knew we were there, knew we were watching its relatives, snuck up on us and chased us away.

This realization of compassionate action on the part of an elephant towards me has impacted me greatly.

My Okavango adventures left me with a deeper love of elephants and a stronger connection to my wild self.

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Taoism Articles

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bert: I never did ice age. is it worthy to go rent? donna: I so agree, i often let my lawns grow wild with whatever would like to grow in it, right now m y lawn is a micture of moss, dandelions,grass , mint, irises, morning glory (however the morning glory is a bit much) its fun. Smurf: thanks :)I remember many such wishes Little dragon: Ah your post made me smile so!!! Yes you are so right, if you did it just right sometime you could make puffing a dandelion be an eternal moment, i have many such fond… Read more »


I love dandelions too! Did you ever do the dandelion clock thing, when you were a kid? You know, where you blow the seeds off the head and however many puffs it took is what o’clock it is? This showed me very early on that time doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone, that it was flexible, mutable and, if you puffed just right, one moment could last for a very long time! :-)))

I love this post!!! Its awesome! The picture is adorable and I love the way you write about the grass and dandelions! When I was little I used to love to pick the dandelions and blow them and occasionally “Make the wish”!!! Yay! This was fun to read! 😉

Do nothing, yet everything gets done.. ;^)

How much time and energy we waste on stupid stuff like mowing lawns so they become green deserts.


when you say dandelions, I always have to think of Ice Age

shlalom, baby 😀

but then again, a need for peace is something we all search for!

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