A simple starting definition for intuition:

Intuition is the gut feeling to pause and look for more graceful paths.

Working with Your Intuition

Don’t confuse intuition to be the same thing as the third eye or our sixth sense.

Our intuition is the spark to initiate actions. The sixth sense then opens up a vision for us to recognize and work with opportunities in our life.

All of the different variations of using intuition and the sixth sense together is called Patterning.

Since so many people misunderstand and fear the sixth sense, most people find it safer to just refer to the process as their “intuition“.


Understanding Patterns

Patterning is a very ancient part of Taoism. Many confuse this practice to be only divination. One simple example of Patterning is the I Ching. However, from a Taoist perspective, I Ching is a small part of the more extensive practice.

How Our Intuition & Visions Work Together

Most people limit visions to be a Hollywood movie experience, or something learned from a 50-page self-help book.

Most people limit Intuition only to be a gut feeling, something that tingles and tickles a person with clues about next steps.

Intuition and vision are connected and together complete what is called the sixth sense.

Learning how to trust intuition is a lifestyle choice. Practices using intuition having thousands of years of rich traditions. Not one tradition, but rather many traditions working with how to use the sixth sense. When looked at it as only a practice, people quickly fight over what it means, each saying their practice is the best. When understanding, this is a natural sense with many paths in how to learn it, then we can work together to expand how we use our intuition.

The Five Steps in Using Intuition

  1. Accept intuition as connecting to a possible opportunity or problem ahead.
  2. Be open to the sixth sense visualizing that potential.
  3. Realize; we’re connecting to more than seeing visions. This process includes all of our senses combining to give us access to information regarding patterns connecting to that potential we see.
  4. Allow yourself to see the various multiple options in play. Seeing your options is called divination.
  5. Use this information to choose a path of action.

As a result of teaching people how to trust to their intuition,  I have expanded out the teaching to include how to work with potential. It’s important to reinforce and encourage people to connect out with their intuition. Otherwise, a person downplays their intuition to mean nothing. Otherwise, a person doesn’t take the first step into connecting to all the patterns around them.

What is Patterning?

To teach a person to work with their intuition is to open up their world and see all the patterns in play. At first, it seems simple, and then it slowly expands out to include more and more.

It’s important to understand Patterning is so much more than divination!

It’s a practice that integrates across your entire life to use everything! The sixth sense is just another sense to be included with all our other senses. We must include our minds ability to use intuition and logic to blend it all with awareness, as a practice to move through the potentials we can witness in life.

Intuition and Sixth Sense

Go Beyond Destination
Embrace Your Destiny!

Patterning is:

It’s a practice helping people open up to new possibilities. Helping to reveal what is hidden in a person’s life and then helping that person move ahead in a way that enriches and improves life.

  • To some, it could be Applied Science when using experiences from studies of biology, physics, math, engineering, and psychology.
  • To some, they will learn how to listen to their Intuition with trust.
  • To some, it’s learning how to use their visions to see and connect to potentials that surround their life.
  • To some it could be divination when mixing in aspects from Taoist, I Ching practice, Tarot and Rune Lore.
  • To some, it would be religious! Expanding upon personal keystones of faith and including wisdom from Taoism and other cultures.
  • To some, it would be a spiritual practice as it touches upon the mysteries of life in moving terms.
  • To some, it could appear as magical when trusting to intuitive insights towards connections which seemingly would be impossible for one to know.
  • To some, it’s as simple as common sense when calling upon personal experiences gained as a father and from living.
  • To some, it will always be a mystery as the full process is never predefined nor predictable.

It’s a moment without judgment,  accepting the possible options ahead of us.

Soul Work

Healing Your Soul

When teaching, I pull all these aspects together to show a person how to see all the various possibilities. Patterning reveals your truth as you are shown life in terms you can finally find peace within.

Because so many people misuse and misunderstand what the sixth sense represents, it’s best to take a step back when learning the sixth sense to see this larger process as Patterning first. In doing this, you safely put the sixth sense into a framework where it supplements your life.

We hear many tales of people going strange when embracing their sixth sense, and that is because a person makes the process to be greater than their life. Once this happens, it is easy to lose oneself, to make a vision greater than themselves. This is the trap when a vision becomes a delusion.

So it must always be stressed using Intuition and the sixth sense together are a natural part of your life.

This isn’t a practice based on any mysterious power, in fact, it’s the exact opposite: a practice founded upon embracing the fullness of our humanity.


Divination is a practice of putting a question out to the universe. It’s making a question divine.

Divination is the art of applying how you see the patterns present (patterning) in a person’s life and then showing which potentials match up closest to being the best to complement their life. What is best? Best are the results that help a person move gracefully and compassionately in their life.

Divination helps a person stay in the flow of their life.

Divination readings are never about predicting fortune (what a person wishes to hear) nor about predicting the future (to limit your choices). Rather divination is a process that helps a person understand what potentials surround them. Divination is a process of personal education about potential itself. The process helps a person sort out their options and to understand better consequences of activating the various potentials present in their life. With this knowledge, it helps a person understand how better to move ahead with actions that result in kind outcomes. That means outcomes that support a person’s essence rather than work against their nature.

How to Practice Divination

There are many ways to practice divination across cultures. For example, Celtic divination is often performed with clouds. In the evening, try asking the clouds a question, then watch the clouds as they move and shift to receive an answer.

Typically, a person asks a question with their mind and directs it at the clouds. Then, listens with their heart and tries to receive the answer through the shapes and motion of the clouds. Ask yourself what you see in the clouds as you concentrate on your question. What do you feel?

For example, you may ask for a power animal to provide you with power, protection and support and then see a shape in the clouds of an animal.

In our Introduction to Shamanism we teach a simple divination activity so that you may begin learning this fun practice.

Shamanism Articles
Shamanism Articles

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Shirley Snow

I have been meditating for almost five years now. I only recently experience the awe of my third eye. It was the most amazing experience and it is difficult to believe it actually happened. I would like to know, is it possible to be mislead by your third eye? I am a very positive and religious person. I believe God is helping me better my life and to live my life’s purpose! I do not have to concentrate on my third eye, it can happen after meditation, I will always take a few min before opening my eyes and during… Read more »


I have been working on opening my third eye and i have had a vision where i was talking to god and he told me that i was an angel and to join him in heaven i had to substitute with a fish, it sounds crazy i know but it was an intense experience and was wondering if you knew anything about transcendence and how to use your full spiritual potential

zahida farooqi

Hi I really want to work with you on this Third eye patterns and I want to Hire you as a teacher. Please guide me further how we both can proceed on that?

zahida Farooqi


At the moment I am only doing one on one teaching sessions directly with each student. It works better. I will be producing videos for online use over the next year or two.


i too am interested in your online class, can i have more info pls.



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