Nature and Rivers

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Wailuku River

I spent some time crawling around on the cliff behind my home and retreat. Here is one shot nearer to the base. At this point the cliff gets undercut by the river and so its a 40 foot straight drop to the water.

It was a nice spiritual experience for me. At first scampering down the first 150 feet down.. Our exploration typical starts as a struggle, going against tropical heat, jungle, scree, places requiring trust / instinct to get around and down to. It’s a matter of letting go into the pace.

Boundaries are by definition are a challenge to pass through as they offer resistance between two states of being.

Then it opens up and to discover a wonderful grassy rocky knoll from which it’s possible to take a breather and take it all in… to simply bask in joy of being present in the moment.

At this point: part of the desire is to get down that last 40 feet, But instead it all opens up to just being one with the river.. no matter where one moves and meanders with life.

  • The joy is enough to simply be present

Learn it isn’t the destination outside of your life that is the goal. It’s the one inside, being present and aware with life, which forms the first boundary to what many call the light.

Peace in your path as you find your own true steps to enlightenment.

How humanity views nature

How nature views humanity.

These images are not about childhood, garbage or society. They’re a comparison illuminating the nature of nature. Look closely and discover that the two images are actually the same.

Look again: it’s just the perspective that’s different. Just as humans clamor over nature as we grow, nature will clamor over us in its growth.

Mother Nature and our nature are each an expression of growth.

Again think of tides, found within this movement of life.
Look at the second picture; it’s a wave of leaves crashing upon and over the truck.

Explore Taoism

Live life kindly, gracefully, with modesty while embracing a colorful story to enjoy!

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