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Power represents the ability to define (& defend) oneself.

That power comes out from how we act, To a Taoist it becomes clear we should treat others with respect through kindness. That reflection of respect will have the power to allow others to treat us back with respect.

However, this isn’t a Taoist culture, instead it appears this current culture uses fear instead.

To live in fear based society, is a culture of legalism which was a particularly brutal time in China’s history. People end up finding power by defining others in order to define themselves. So in the United States we now find police who taser grandmothers and school children, since they have been taught to use fear to define and control the world around them. The bantering of Tasers about actually ensures that they get used and used wrongly much of the time. Since they are not being used as defensive devices but rather as “weapons” to project power. Using fear to drive actions of others.

Yet the real problem isn’t about rogue policeman: it’s a far larger problem of the society using fear as the source of power. History has already shown: this tact doesn’t work and leads to a corrupted culture.

I don’t want to keep repeating my mantra: don’t live to fear, live as yourself.

Instead I will simply state: be aware, make your own choices and I wish each of you the best of life.

Good Night and Good Luck… and always remember to stand up for your truth.

Sex, Power & Potential

Sex, Power, Potential

When exploring power and potential an interesting thing happens:

It stimulates your life from many different angles at once.

This can be confusing, since many times practices such as Qi-Gong or learning a new spiritual practice can also stimulate the sexual potentials. Likewise when a person goes through a transformation such as a mid life crisis, seeking sex with new partners is often part of the experience to explore new potential.

The simple truth is this: our mind, body and spirit express potential in many forms. When you open up one potential you often end up stimulating multiple parts of your life at the same time.

The body very much uses sex as a statement of potential, the sexual drive is all about potential, about creating the potential for the next generation. Sex also reflects the potential of defining oneself in relation to others.

As a result, when going through a mid life crisis, or people come into power,  people often have an affair or are tempted to have an affair since the affair gets mixed in (at times confused) as part of the larger transformation.

To give birth to oneself in a new form.

The body is trying to join in on the fun, is using the natural tools it has, to express potential in terms of sex.

So as a result

When exploring Transformation, Potential or your Personal Power, the one thing to understand, it’s about exploring many aspects of potential at once. This is confusing since people often bundled it all together. Once it gets bundle it all together, it then typically becomes a mess to trip over.

It’s important to be able to separate out the multiple aspects of power & potential in order to stay true to your larger nature, to be kind to yourself and those within your life.

Don’t get me wrong, at times, you just have tumble and give in to everything at once! But more often the case: it’s kinder to one’s life to separate out the different aspects of potential involved and to more finely control what potentials are most meaningful towards true growth and not get stuck in a worse situation.


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