Life Lessons and Wisdom

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Four Simple Life Lessons

Life Lesson 1: Wisdom

The best wisdom in the world is worthless if a person isn’t ready to move with that wisdom.

A Wise Person leaves another person enough space & time to grow.

A Teacher preps a person for the life lessons they will need

A Wise Teacher does both.

Life Lesson 2: Release Drama

How are your challenges going today?  As I ask this, I was thinking about the nature of challenges. A simple truth in helping a person move through life is this:

Never confuse Drama to be the same as a Challenge.

Drama is merely an unnecessary conflict within a story. The only challenge in dealing with drama is in how to release it. Challenges are moments of hard work, never to be shied away from and being a chance to grow again. The trap is the desire to feel your story more deeply and then to create drama in need of a challenge unconsciously.

Avoid being a drama queen creating your mud and instead be an adventurer of life plowing through any mud you do encounter!

Life Lesson 3: Spiritual Growth Includes Personal Integrity

Inspiration is amazing, the lightening second that energizes you.

Yet it isn’t enough.

Love is incredible, that bliss of becoming more.

Yet it isn’t enough

We focus on the action, the grand slam, the leap into grace. None of that is possible without Confidence, Acceptance, Respect, and Integrity. These 4 aspects are the baseline and our foundation.

The first step to spiritual growth, to all long-term solutions to a problem, is simply building up a foundation, to be stronger, to support that grand-slam inspirational insight you strive for later in life.

So take a few seconds today, respect yourself, take that time to heal a little and in that healing begin to discover your integrity. It may not be as sexy as inspiration, but this is the launching pad for your greater achievements in life.


Life Lesson 4: Embrace Ordinary

The beauty of what is around us isn’t extraordinary; it’s always present and open for us to explore. Even moments shown as breathtakingly amazing are still breathtakingly ordinary! Likewise, the horrors of what we face aren’t extraordinary. Our problems stem out of people acting in normal ways but acting without kindness. Such actions add up over time to destructive results.

The crisis and pictures from the refugees in Europe, from the wars in the middle east, from the police brutality in the USA, illustrate the fact that the horrors we face are also problems of everyday life.

We can challenge and face these problems!

It’s only because the challenges we face seem so large, we balk and then think it isn’t possible to change it. So people stall in changing how they act. We all can live in an amazing world, even now with the challenges which are quite apparent. You and I can connect to amazing things.

The question comes down to style. Are you willing to live gracefully?  It’s acceptable to be timid and start with small steps.

Let others follow your lead. Be patient but persistent in your graceful, kind actions. Find your amazingly ordinary life and live it fully and then that is what becomes extraordinary, by being a full life.

Personal Tao – Chapter 11
Snapshots of Life

As we explore life, it’s easy to be distracted by the obvious, while only catching glimpses of the shadows and reflections we cast, missing the larger patterns in which we participate. We might appear as a human body and mind, but a greater form extends out as a larger reality. Take the time to stop → examine a reflection → trace back a shadow → reach to touch the world as the day’s surf shuffles everything around our path.

reflections of wisdomMind, body, spirit and so much more hidden in our unrealized reflections & shadows. As an example: in Norse knowledge, our physical body and mind are very small parts of a larger complex in every single life.

Soul (sal): represents the results of our lives which touch both others and the world after we leave. A soul would be a footprint in the sand, left behind, that still influences the world.
Mind (hugr, minni, odhr, ek) : The mind isn’t a single entity but rather a combination of several distinct elements of memory, reason, ecstasy, and self.
Fetch: The union of our opposites in the world, as well as a touching to our personal godheads.
Body: (hamr, lik): Actually 3 elements of a shape, appearance & a physical body.
Spirit: (ond): The vital breath of life. Another term would be Indian “Prana”.
Hamingja: The overall power of our life.

I bring up the Norse example for two life lessons.

First, it illustrates how other cultures have a rich and complex view of a person’s existence beyond just a mind running a body. I believe that modern western society, in an over-reliance of reason and material strength, has lost touch to the more subtle and hidden aspects of humanity. Many cultures have rich, deep traditional wisdom gathered upon human nature that doesn’t appear in the general western culture of 2005.

Secondly, I want to tease you to explore your own nature from another cultural viewpoint. I could not within this book begin to list all the important ideas from Indian, Norse, Aboriginal or any of the thousand other cultures around the world. Yet it is possible to discover more of one’s self by learning an alternative cultural understanding of humanity. Learning from another culture has the strength of removing many assumptions we inherit from our default culture. It’s hard to leave the comfort of what is known, yet doing so increases many fold what can be learned thru new perspectives. Many amazing figures in history (Gandhi, Attila the Hun, Moses, etc.) are those who have been raised cross-culturally. An incredible strength of presence can be achieved in this path.

Life Lessons of Wisdom

Many life lessons only open up by using wisdom.

So what is wisdom? My simple definition of wisdom is patience.

Let’s dive into wisdom and explore its nature.

Wisdom Compared to Knowledge

Wisdom is an interesting thing,

It’s like exercise. just because one might know the secrets of the universe and such doesn’t change the fact:

You still have to work at living each day.

PS… The universe doesn’t have any secrets.

Knowledge is an interesting thing,

Being a seer to learn things:

Is learning to let go of knowing.

Simply embracing in acceptance of what might be…

We think knowledge defines what can be. It doesn’t. It merely focuses how a person defines their world.

As a result, knowledge also limits and restricts how a person embraces the world to be.

Powerful yes, but very limiting also in how that knowledge gets focused.

Wisdom Compared to Awareness

  • Wisdom is how you act to fulfill your nature
  • Awareness is how you perceive/relate to your nature (and larger world)

A person needs both to be complete. Wisdom / Awareness compliment each other in a Yin / Yang manner.

Wisdom is often patience – nonaction, simply because most of the energy in your life is already in motion, so this allows us to precisely use our actions towards greatest effect in a graceful state of living with least stressful effort.

Awareness lets you tie into those existing motions and then using wisdom (when possible minimized actions that allow you to maximize your efforts) to move in a full manner.

Wisdom Cannot Always be Shared

It’s not for me to write wisdom for others. Nor has any of my work meant anything other than a personal journal of living. Writing down thoughts literally as they occur as a moving meditation practice.

I love when people think I am being pompous with my writing. All the reflections and inflection they put down to the words, which has nothing to do with my writing, other than the writing has kicked some shit up and about in their mind. In practice, I have no such intentions, nor does it contain anything but my musing and notes when connecting out to the surrounding Tao.

At this moment I am just starting fresh again, more so than anyone would realize, every day from a blank slate.

Newly aborn each day.


Wisdom is fulfilling, but not in having more of anything: be it knowledge or accomplishments.

It’s is fulfilling what is as it is, for example:

  • Taking time to connect since time is a relationship.
  • Discovering knowledge as one of many stories rather than as the only defining fact.
  • Releasing into your life, so you have space to enjoy life fully.
  • Patience so you can be present

Don’t wait for someone else to decide how best to full fill your life,
Wisdom is to do so on your own terms.


Wisdom, so many seek what is already within reach.

Go ahead to make it hard. We all love a challenge, wait not everyone. I am off to curl up and enjoy a quiet moment, everyone in the house is sleeping, the cat at my feet and I will just enjoy the sounds of the night chirping. Watching from the sliding door as stars as clouds play games of cat and mouse on a quiet autumn night.

Being Where You Should Be.

People are always trying to be in the right place at the right time. I am often asked: How I’m seemingly always in the right place. Here is a simple little truth:

More often the case and easier first to master is this:

Be sure to not be at the wrong place at the wrong time.


Wisdom can be to simply listen and then move with your intuition. If you have the feeling to be elsewhere, then be elsewhere! In this, you will be surprised to discover how all of the sudden 80% of your problems will go away, Simply because you won’t end up in the wrong place.

Another variation to this is:
More often the case we often force the right place to become the wrong place by forcing the situation with our traps of judgment.

In this case: If you have the feeling to be elsewhere, then first release how you are judging the situation. This will change the place to become an entirely different situation simple within the release of your judgment!


What wisdom could be greater over listening to sounds upon the wind.

Where birds are all a ruckus, as they shout to spring.

What patience is deeper, over living a full life itself?

As the bullfrog bellows.

Explore Taoism

Live life kindly, gracefully, with modesty while embracing a colorful story to enjoy!

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Thank you, I enjoy your posts! What is speaking to me today is the concept of being patient and persistent with kind and graceful actions.

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