Changing Society

If the world is changing: why not use the energy from the change as an opportunity also to improve yourself, and to make things around you more beautiful?

There is no reason you can’t include your input into world change.


World Change

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It’s easy to lose your power when change happens too fast. People get emotionally attached to the past. Now with the past flying by at supersonic speeds, all too many people have lost their balance and are resisting the future (nationalism and rampant racism are both examples of this resistance).

Re-balance yourself. Root yourself in kind actions. Reclaim your personal power in life simply by being more proactive in living a better life now.

A single person will think they cannot change the world canvas, but yet we can. I know this truth from personal experience. I am a normal person living a normal life. I don’t directly get involved in world politics nor do I throw myself in front of a harpoon to save the whales I love.  But I have changed how I live. I do live in ways that reduce waste. I actively support others to live better. At first, the changes I made were small. Then with time I improved my processes and could help more people.  Today, I help thousands of people directly every year in 15 countries! I am helping shift society with my acts of kindness.

I am sharing my hard-learned lessons here on the Personal Tao website, so you can likewise have inspiration to help improve society.

Changing Society through Personal Growth

People feel as if everything is dire and hopeless in the world today. So many people are stuck doing nothing. The clue why so many people are stuck comes from the word: EVERYTHING.

The biggest problem we face is examining social problems in a larger than life manner.

To feel hopeless comes out from looking at too big of a picture.

It’s impossible to change the big picture all at once.

To think in terms of “everything” is to lock yourself down to inaction. It’s time to change our social perspective, help align each person with what they can socially touch and act against.

The first step to improving society, is personal growth, just growing in your own life.

The seven-step process is as follows:

  1. Kindness. Be aware of your essence, so you don’t work against your own story.
  2. Non Judgement. Don’t limit oneself from seeing new or creative opportunities.
  3. Awareness. So we can grow with others as we connect our actions outwards. (and in reflection receive help from others)
  4. Grace. Working to the potential of what is happening around us. Using the flow of life around us makes it easier to achieve our actions.
  5. Work with human nature, not against it. Understand both politics and other people’s stories to work around conflict from others.
  6. Modesty. Keeping on track to our visions. Modesty prevents us from being corrupted and losing our nature as we regain our power.
  7. Small Active Steps. Small actions can become real. Big steps just get lost to fear and inaction.
  8. Bonus Step! Keep Repeating Steps 1- 7.
    This creates an evolving lifestyle as you apply the steps to your life over and over again and for your entire life, always to grow, and become better.

Step 7, small active steps, is where most people fail. People either do nothing, or they try to do too much all at once. Focus on small attainable steps. Slowly build an infrastructure that allows for greater achievements over time.

Now, this also represents a general outline for the process to make a better world. How you apply this, will vary from person to person you help along the way.

When I help people professionally, this is the guiding process I have refined over 16 years to helping people overcome every sort of problem you can imagine. It may sound too idealistic, but these steps flow and work very efficiently. This works! You apply these steps to real-life problems, and you learn, grow against and then resolve the problems. In fact, people will then apply these steps to other parts of life. Once you get it, it’s simple. It takes a year or two to get at a deeper level and find your words to describe the actual actions to others.

When the problems of society are too big for you to fix all at once… Then

Flip it all around.

Work to improving your life in kindness. In small steps making the world a better place simply in how you live.

Go Beyond Destination
Embrace Your Destiny!

Understanding Individuality

Currently, modern society is driven by mass market economics. A person is a reflection of the culture they are in, so this mass market approach impacts how people hold their lifestyle.  It’s an interesting process to watch. For example: in America where people pride themselves as individuals, yet most people merely live in the trends, not being unique. Millions of individuals but few unique people standing up for their own life. Uniqueness and individuality are very different things it turns out.

Because we are individuals, how we express ourselves will feel unique. This means the difference between uniqueness and individuality is not always easy to show. Since how we express ourselves is very very personal: even within the act of expressing oneself in a trendy sort of way.  It’s still your way.

When a person tries to be a Unique Individual, they then discover they are alone; they stand out.  To stand out means to be separate. When a person is standing up as an Individual, they can still be part of the Crowd.

People use uniqueness to method resist a mass-market society, but quickly discover they are pushed to the side and seemingly lose their power in trying to be unique.

So a trick is:

Be unique in your style yes: but don’t be afraid to be part of the crowd either. In part and at times: even the most unique person needs society for some support. Remember this blending of being a Unique Individual as you step into a better lifestyle. Be wise enough to use what others create and extend it in as part of your life. This saves energy in not having to create everything on your own; it will give you more time to be unique.  Be brave enough to add in your dash of style and modifications.


Procrastinating can be a form of revolution. To resist doing, what isn’t in your heart worth doing.

When society or organizations place unreasonable goals upon you, then shrug society off and then to take that time and use it instead on yourself or others you love.

Of course, it isn’t easy to follow one’s heart within cultures defined by the many. People desperately try to fit in.

If you find yourself lagging, perhaps your heart is asking you to reconnect to your own life again. The only trap is this: don’t do nothing. It’s great to procrastinate against those who hurt or oppress you. However, if you don’t do anything for yourself, you will decay and not be strong enough to resist any oppression later. You still have to grow and take care of yourself and those you love!

Remember the steps to change and improve society require action. Procrastinating can be a form of action, but all too many get trapped into inaction with procrastination.

Soul Work

Healing Your Soul

Stepping Stones of Change

Wishing for change to be:

Leaves a person dreaming.

Planting a seed, starting an action to ripple out:

Leads to growth and new life.

To experience change means starting a process to go beyond where we dream to be or stand. To be brave enough to step out of unchanging comfort.

After examining key events in history, I conclude: true change comes from empowering others to embrace actions based on their nature rather than to impose morality upon others. But also examining history it’s clear you can only help people at certain times. Don’t try to help a person who in their nature is resisting change. Also, be warned trying to help those grasping towards comfort as they will turn to hurt you from their discomfort. Rather than seeing you as a source of help, they will only see you as a source of pain in exposing their problems and discomfort.

Help those who are both already in discomfort and know why they are in discomfort.

While it might feel easiest to reach out to tell others how life should be, that’s a symptom of insecurity within our peace. In fact: imposing rules and a stern helping hand is noise distracting others from hearing their own needs and truth. It’s important to be silent enough to allow others to hear their own heart and see their own problems.

Stepping Stones of Change

A stepping stone of silently accepting oneself.
A stepping stone of release.
A stepping stone into a place,
where old words and habits will not follow us.

Exploring and Growing in Society
Exploring and Growing in Society

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I am writing a report about a society and this really helped me write most of it. Thank you. Not only did you help me write my paper but you helped me realize a lot. Thank you again!

I suppose one could argue thats very Taoist, in that, it’s going with the flow?

“in America where people pride themselves to be individuals, so many are just living in the trends, not really being an individual.”

Ah, yes, the American teenager’s lament:

“I want to be different — just like all my friends!”

makes sense, keeps you out of a rut, and others on their toes.

Today I learned how to surf – it was blast. Intense on all the senses. Easy to wonder . . .